Web Dramas

Before having a main lead role in the big screen, Sandara Park also ventured in Web-dramas to kick off her acting career in Korea. She starred as the leading woman in her 1st Web-drama called ‘Dr. Ian’.  (2015)

Right after ‘Dr. Ian’, Dara got her 2nd web-drama series also starred as the leading woman in the series called ‘We Broke Up’ with WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon, the web drama achieved a huge success with 10 Million views both in Naver TV Cast and in Youtube views, for achieving that milestone, the cast and production team set an event for the fans who supported the web-drama with a mini-concert.

Sandara Park was nominated and won the category for “Best Actress” for ‘Dr. Ian’ at K-Web Festival.

Taking a break from Web-drama series, a year (2016) after Sandara Park took the main lead role for her 3rd web-drama called ‘Missing Korea’ and Kim Jeong Hoon as the leading man.

Watch the following Web-Drama series below!