[VIDEO] 170407 Dara’s Instagram Live with Quirky Park Bom + WINNER’s Comments

Credits : Lucky And Happy + VIPGDJ + chrissy96_

[INSTAGRAM] 170401 Supportive Dara Cheers on WINNER’s Upcoming Comeback

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[SNS UPDATES] Supportive Dara, is Proud to her WINNER Dongsaengs ~ “Congrats on you 1st Concert”

Dara: “wow look at the kids’ looks! WINNER’s concert was fun~ it was really well made! Congrats on your 1st concert”


Dara: “Winner concert!!! Good job!!! 👍👍👍😆

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[INSTAGRAM/WEIBO] 160312 Dara Uploaded Photos of We Broke Up Family Supporting Seungyoonie ~

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[PHOTOS] We Broke Up Main Casts, Supports Seungyoon for WINNER’s Concert

Kyuho: @w_n_r00 I sincerely congratulate Seungyoonie hyung on their first concert 🎉#winner

Kiyong: Support of Seungyoonie! Hwaiting on tomorrow’s concert too! WINNER hwaiting! I sincerely congratulate you!Aja aja🔥”

Beomkyu: #2016EXITTOURINSEOUL #WINNER First solo concert. This was when we entered but not when we exit..”

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지원영 solo!! 지렸다.👍@w_n_r00

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