[NEWS] 2NE1 Members Find Singing Easier than Talking

2NE1 Members Find Singing Easier than Talking

While the 2NE1 members were attending the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France, they also shot some amazing photos with fashion magazine, W.

Issued in the August edition of W magazine, the pictorial revealed the 2NE1 members wearing very distinct outfits and unique accessories such as Sandara Park’s giant pom-poms or Minzy′s winged hat.

The magazine also showed some pictures from when 2NE1 was speaking at the Festival in June.

During the interview with W, 2NE1 discussed its newest single I Love You and its upcoming global tour concert, New Evolution, which will take place on July 28 and 29 in Seoul, before moving to the rest of the world.

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[NEWS] Fashionista 2NE1, Pulls Off Unique Styles Perfectly in Photo Shoot

Fashionista 2NE1, Pulls Off Unique Styles Perfectly in Photo Shoot

Girl group 2NE1 perfectly pulled off unique styles, showing off their fashionista sides.

2NE1 recently attended a photo shoot held in Cannes of France with a fashion magazine, making a perfect photo shoot with each of the members’ unique colors.

The photo shoot, located in Mandelieu-la-Napoule that provides the whole view of Cannes, was the perfect place for 2NE1 members’ styling.

2NE1 also had attended the Cannes Advertisement Festival as the K-Pop representative for ‘Korean Wave through Digital Wave,’ giving a speech in place of the whole Korean media.

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[ME2DAY] Dara Shares a Shot of CL for W Korea!

Oooh ~ Look at our Leader.. She’s posing like a super model! W Korea will be released tomorrow, so stay tuned!

이번엔 ~ 더블유 씨엘양 사진!!! ^_^ 캬~ 정말 모델같죠?!? 갠소 하고픈 멤바들의 사진들 ~ 내일이면 볼수있어용!!! 더블유, 퍼스트룩, 엠카!!! 많다많아~!

And here ~ CL’s shot from W ^_^ Kyah~ Really looks like a model, right?!? I want to reveal the other members’ photos~ You can see them tomorrow!!! W, 1st Look, M countdown!!! There’s alot~!

Source : Dara’s me2day

English Translations By: ygdragonheart @DGH