[ARTICLE] 2NE1 Makes a Drastic Transformation in a Unique Photoshoot for Vogue

Vogue Korea 2NE1

“Fashion Icons” 2NE1 were able to display their distinctive charms by making a transformation inspired by traditional African wear.

On April 30, fashion magazine Vogue revealed 2NE1’s May pictorial.

According to Vogue, the members showed that they were able to pull off an ethnic African style with intricate face paint, wearing intense, colorful outfits, and posing with traditional instruments made of wood and leather.

At the photo shoot, CL stated, “I think it was fate that a group of unique and fun people who were living separate lives were able to meet and form a group called 2NE1.”

Member Sandara Park, who was praised by the staff for her soft charisma, said, “I don’t have any restrictions when it comes to style as of now. I always want to try out new things,” when asked about the experimental styles she has showcased.

Park Bom, who has recently ventured into the world of reality television with SBS’s “Roommate,” radiated her honest and pure charms at the set of the photoshoot.

Minzy, who turned 21 years old (Korean age) this year, has become the symbol of their group name, 2NE1. She displayed the same lively enthusiasm as that of any other freshman in college and shared, “I want to dance with the passion of a 21-year-old even when I become a grandma.”

This 2NE1 pictorial and interview will be released in full on May 19 in next month’s issue of Vogue Korea and on their official website.

Credit: Soompi

[ARTICLE] 2NE1 Transformed into African girls, “We want to Challenge New Things”

[OSEN=Kim Sa Ra] Girl group, 2NE1 has transformed into attractive African girls through photo shoots of fashion magazine, ‘Vogue Korea’s May issue.

Members of 2NE1 have digested African styles by wearing shocking face paintings, strong primary-colored clothes, and holding fruits, trees and leather.

The latest clothes have been brought from abroad for the shoot of the pictures of 2NE1 who are fashion icons that the world pays attention. Jeremy Scott, who has close relationship with 2NE1, has sent the latest clothes of autumn/winter collection that was on show last month.

 Vogue Korea-2NE1-Article

2NE1 says, “Since we have met every day for almost 10 years, it feels like we live life together than doing something special”. They showed how much they consider each other even though the shoot was taken until late dawn.

CL said through the photo interview, “It is a fate that unique and funny people that were living their each life have gathered in the name of 2NE1.” Dara who was praised by staffs for her smooth charisma said, “There is no restriction for styles yet, so I would like to challenge new things”.

Bom has met her members at the shooting scene in a long time since she has been shooting SBS reality show, ‘I like Sunday – Roommate’. Minzy, who has turned into 21 this year which 2NE1 symbolizes, told about her new freshman life in campus and said, “I want to dance like the age of 21 even I become a granny”.

Meanwhile, the May issue of ‘Vogue Korea’ is going to be published on the 19th of next month. The making film, which 2NE1 participated, is planned to be open on the Vogue’s official website.

Source: Naver