[SNS UPDATES] 171007 Dara Bids Goodbye to Boracay as She Heads to Manila

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[TWITTER] 171006 Of Failed Timing, Sunset in Boracay & NHR with Seungri

[SNS UPDATES] 170915 Dara’s Version of ‘Girlfriend Pics’ as From What She Learned from GIB

What I learned in Get It Beauty..Girlfriend pics 😂😂😂

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[SNS UPDATES] 170914 HaSuDa Returns for a V-Live Session ~

#HaSuDa returns!!! Today together at #Vapp through #Vlive ^_^ I think you will have a good day once you watch it..?! 😆🙊 See you later~ 😀👋🏻 #SpaceAppeal

#HaSuDa #SpaceAppeal #VLive Starts at 4:10pm~ ^.^

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SNS UPDATES] 170908 Sandara Receives Her Own Makeup Box + Shares Gorgeous Photo Taken During MOTTE in Manila

After I learned to do self makeup in Get It Beauty I got myself a makeup box~ ㅎㅎㅎ Now whenever I have overseas business trip it’s included in my luggage.. 😂😂 It’s a girl thing~ 💄 I got my own make up box now!!! 😆😆😆👍🏻

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T3 📸

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[SNS UPDATES] 170828 Dara Works Hard on Monday, Beating the Blues She’s Feeling

Today is Monday~ I’m also working hard today!!! What shall I do today… #SeMoBang 😂

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