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[INSTAGRAM] Tourist Dara is back and goes to Milan’s Cathedral for the First time ~

Caption: “Tourist Dara in Milano!!! For the very first time!!! ✌🏻️ #duomo #milano

Caption: “Just one of Milan’s tourists”

Caption: “Really cool… “

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[INSTAGRAM] Tourist Dara, is ready to ‘Play Hard’ and ‘Eat Hardest’ in Pattaya, Thailand

Dara: “You hardworking one, leave!!! Tourist Dara in #pattaya #thailand”

Dara: “You hardworking one, eat!!! Work hard, play harder, eat hardest!!!  😍

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[INSTAGRAM] Cutie Dara Shares their Sticker Photos with her ‘QTQT Friends’ ~

Dara: “QTQT!!! 😆”

Dara: “Sticker photo with friends~ Cheese!!! ✌🏼️”

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