[VIDEO] 140525 Seungyoon & 2NE1 with Tablo and Haru Cut on “Superman Returns”

This is super hilarious and cute!!!

Rough trans : When Seungyoon came, Tablo said “Haru, handsome oppa is here,” and Haru said, “Where?”

And then Bom came, “Who am I?” Haru answered, “Park Bom unnie.” Then Bom pointed at Dara, “Who is she?” They all laughed when Haru only chuckled. Finally Dara said “I’m aunt Dara~”

Source : KBSEntertain

[NEWS] Haru Listens to 2NE1’s Songs with Full Concentration on ‘Superman is Back’


Tablo’s daughter Haru was seemly ‘possessed’ by Yang Hyun Suk momentarily.

April 6’s broadcast of KBS2’s Superman is Back will continue to show the families in Jeju island for the twins’ first birthday.

With Kang Hye Jung joining Tablo and Haru in Jeju island on the second day, the family spent the day together. Being the family of artists, they continued to engage in conversations about music in a moving car. Then Tablo handed his cellphone to Haru with 2NE1’s new music on.

Holding the phone by her ear, Haru started listening to the music with full concentration without moving, reminding her parents of YG’s Yang Hyun Suk.

Upon seeing Haru listening without any slight movement, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung said, “Haru, you’re just like CEO Yang Hyun Suk. Tell Teddy to come over~”

Source : Mwave