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[PHOTOS] 171006~171007 Tim Yap with Sandara Park & Seungri in Boracay, PH

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[TWITTER] 171006 Of Failed Timing, Sunset in Boracay & NHR with Seungri

[INSTAGRAM] 171006 Seungri Spends time with His Dara Noona, Shares a Series of Polaroids

This is the first time since I’ve spent time with @daraxxi Dara noona ㅋㅋ #close (friends) #for10years #ButStillAwkward #NoonaLetsOvercomeThis #daraweekend #boracay

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[INSTAGRAM] 170907 Private Dinner with Seungri, Dara & Others


It’s been a while our #ygfamily @everything_ygfamily  #Michelin3Star #Gaon #SeasonalKoreanFood With the ultimate ㅎ #BabyFace #SandaraPark @daraxxi_yg  now a real entrepreneur #Seungri @seungriseyo  20YearFriend #KoEunkyoung @eunkyoung_ko

Dinner with Chairman Jo Taekwon and Dara noona whom I haven’t met in a while @daraxxi #dinner #Gaon #1stClassRestaurant

@Eunkyoung_ko : #HappyTime💕 #Michelin #Gaon #Dinner

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[NEWS] Allkpop : Seungri and Dara become V-Dragon and Doom Dara


On May 5, 2NE1’s Dara updated her Instagram with a funny picture of herself with Big Bang’s Seungri dressed up as… T.O.P and G-Dragon?

Answering the question on everyone’s mind, Dara cutely insisted, “GD&TOP?  No no no no!  We’re V-Dragon & Doom Dara.”

In the picture, Dara transformed into T.O.P again, wearing a fake (paper) mustache and a huge white bow with her dark blue top.  Seungri joined her in this get up by perfectly capturing one of G-Dragon’s charismatic facial expressions (with more than a touch of humor) and petting a rubber duck.

Netizens commented, “Is this a performance for their YG concert?” “Seungri and Dara instead of GD and TOP?  They match well,” “I am really looking forward to their stage.  I wonder how different it’d be,” and more.

Source : Allkpop

[INSTAGRAM] Dara Shares a Photo, “GD&TOP? No! V-Dragon & Doom Dara~”

LIKE FINALLY! Dara we’ve missed you on SNS sites so much! kkk these two GTOP cosplayers are too cute ^__^

And woah, “We’re V-Dragon & Doom Dara” trended worldwide… The power of Sandara Park!Bm116Y4CMAAYUaE Continue reading

[TWITTER] Seungri Shares a Photo with Doom Dara – “2014 YG Family Concert in Tokyo Dome”


Translation will be updated ^^

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