[INSTAGRAM] Dara shares her concert experience while watching S.E.S’ concert ~ “Congratulations in your Comeback unnies~”

Dara: Went to watch S.E.S sunbaenims concert with Jisook-yang. I heard that fairies appeared and sang a song?! 🎤and they really looked like fairies in person… 😱 Congratulations in your comeback unnies~ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 In my early years there is a program like “Show Tank” where I’ve seen those stages and I didn’t even think I will get to see it for real!!! It feels like I’ve been on a time machine. 😀 Ah these days kids don’t know Show Tank.. ㅠㅠ that’s it… Anyway!!! It was very touching~ Thank you very much to Bada unnie who is always taking care of her fairies and princess hoobaes !!! 🙏🏻bows (__) 😆💕”

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[PHOTOS] Pictures of Dara at S.E.S concert ~ with Rainbow Jisook and IOI Doyani

Jisook: “kkyak!!! S.E.S.!!! Excited Dara unnie with Jisook 💜”

Doyani: With #SandaraPark unnie who looks younger than us😜❣️
#verypretty #verybeautiful #Hongdae#Dorocy #sefie

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