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Bom and Dara’s cutie convo!!

wazzup yo daralings!!! our dear dara and her park sister, bom

were anxiously waiting for the release of “I Love You”


this screencap of Dara’s convo with Bom was uploaded by

@RJinPEACE who is said to be the future strategy director of YG (from his twitter bio)

and was retweeted by Bom.



[ROUGH TRANSLATION] Bom and Dara’s Conversation (As retweeted by @haroobomkum)http://t.co/NtHLGVx5

Sorry, we can’t translate all but it goes something like this:

Bom: Apartment?
Bom: Come up (?)
Dara: Do you have food?
Dara: Side dishes?
Bom: A lot
Bom: Pickled squid (?)

Dara then said she’s coming in a while.

Bom: Come on.
Dara: Eung (Ok)

Thanks @Ouley_Soleil