[NEWS] Film Company FINECUT, Revealed a Official Still-Cut and the Synopsis for Dara’s Upcoming Movie, “One-Step”


Official Still-Cut – “One-Step” Movie, Sandara Park

Waaaaah ~!!! Dara’s first Big-Screen role is coming up Blackjacks!!  OMG! OMG! Who’s excited?! there are some rumors that the Movie will be out by Mid-Summer/Summer in Korea, too bad FINECUT didn’t mention any release date so far, but its 101% sure that the Movie will be out this year ^.^v

Check out more Details of “ONE-STEP” below, released by FINECUT.

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[INSTAGRAM] 160517 – Sweet and Thoughtful Dara bids everyone Goodnight!

Dara: Frozen Human is popular nowadays?! ✌🏼️☝🏻️ Good night 😴😴😴
*Dara is referring to time being frozen like it’s still 2009 the year they had their debut.”

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