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[INSTAGRAM] Supportive Dara, went to watch Ock Joohyun’s Musical show and shows her support for Urban Zakapa!

Can’t translate the whole caption of Dara T.T Sorry Daralings ~
But basically she was telling that she went to watch Ock Joohyun’s musical ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ and Dara being the fangirl she is, fangirled over the music and acting of the musical show which she loved. Plus! She wrote in her P.S. that had a cold that’s why she is wearing a face mask because she doesn’t want Joohyun to get caught by her cold and was worried because her (Joohyun) throat should be warm for the musical.


Dara:#UrbanZakapa #Alone #TodayAt6o‘clock 👭 Not as two 🚶 But you should listen to it alone 🎧😆”

On the Photo: “Even when I’m sitting on the street alone, (I’m) overflowing with Swag” #I_am_SandaraPark😎”

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