[SNS UPDATE] Dara watched the play “Anna Karenina” starring one of her lovely unnie, Ock Joo Hyun ~

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[SNS UPDATE] Lovely Dara, watched the Musical Play of “Rebecca” and became a “Ock-Stan”

Dara: “Finally I watched it!!! It’s not Ock omma it’s Ock Danver … I’ve very much wanted to watch Rebecca and finally!!! When she appeared I had heart attack! From the first verse goose bump .. Really cool!!! I also together with director who watch it became Ock-stan. From now on first day of being Ock-stan ~ Welcome!!! Love you #Rebecca #OckDanver”

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[INSTAGRAM] Supportive Dara, went to watch Ock Joohyun’s Musical show and shows her support for Urban Zakapa!

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뮤지컬 #매디슨카운티의다리 그동안 너무 바쁜스케줄로 ㅠㅠ 이제서야 공연을 보게되었는데.. 헉 😱 이렇게 가슴 떨리는 사랑이야기를 눈앞에서 생생하게 보니까 감정이 더 전해지면서 보는내내 가슴 두근거렸던거같아요.. ❤️💔😢 너무 좋은 음악까지도 내 취향저격!!! 💘 역시 옥배우님!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 감정에 몰입해서 커튼콜때도 눈물을 흘리던 언니 😢 ps. 최근에 심한 감기몸살을 앓고난뒤라 호옥시라도 옮기면 안되겠다싶어서 마스크 꽁꽁쓰고 쭈삣거리는 나에게 너무 다정하게 언니가 목에다 직접 약도 뿌려주시고 목이 따듯해야한다며 언니 스카프도 목에 메주셨어요 😭😭😭 목이 가서 목소리가 아예 안나오거든요 ㅠㅠ 언니 덕분에 빨리 회복할거같아요!!! 🙏🏻😂 #사랑해요옥주현 #옥주현미담 #옥다정 실화냐!!! 실화다!!! 😍

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Can’t translate the whole caption of Dara T.T Sorry Daralings ~
But basically she was telling that she went to watch Ock Joohyun’s musical ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ and Dara being the fangirl she is, fangirled over the music and acting of the musical show which she loved. Plus! She wrote in her P.S. that had a cold that’s why she is wearing a face mask because she doesn’t want Joohyun to get caught by her cold and was worried because her (Joohyun) throat should be warm for the musical.

Dara:#UrbanZakapa #Alone #TodayAt6o‘clock 👭 Not as two 🚶 But you should listen to it alone 🎧😆”

On the Photo: “Even when I’m sitting on the street alone, (I’m) overflowing with Swag” #I_am_SandaraPark😎”

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