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[LINE] 170727 – Tireless Dara, talks about her short vacation trip to Manila, and getting sick during the trip

“I was very sick T.T It’s quite long if I talk about it these days I’m having difficulty on staying fit and I had a flu. But really of all the times why now! When I had to bring Chaerin to Philippines so it was very bad T.T

As I am also Philippines’ Honorary Ambassador ** It’s my duty to try to give support to a lot of people for the Philippines, because of my schedule there were a lot of scenarios of not being able to go, then I had to think where should I and Chaerin go too because it’s difficult to match our schedule, and this time as we dramatically returned we should leave right away.

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[LINE] Dara shares her Successful Meal after Get It Beauty recording and Getting Colder in every Recording

Can’t be warm I came from a warm place then suddenly it’s 5 degrees below zero that’s why it’s colder .. I think during Get It Beauty recording days it’s always ~~~~~~ very cold! Goo .. Good Morning~!!!!

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[LINE] 170304 – Sleepy Dara posted a Stunning Selca in her Diary and shares her “Morning Ramblings”


Good morning … When I have to go to my schedule so early and it’s not yet warm I really feel fuzzy waking up ~

(Mostly when U’m filming fordrama, movie, or commercial, the call time is during dawn T.T waaah) Ah .. even during Inkigayo at 2AM we will go to the shop then at -7AM we will have our dry rehearsal. Woah … How we were able to go through that .. daebakk

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[LINE] 170301 – Lovely Dara, updates Fans with a Photo in First Class heading to Thailand to shoot a Commercial and How Time Flies ~


“I’m in a first class!!! >.<
Ah the seat is too big~~~euhihihihihi…😆
Around this time last year when I went to film for a shampoo commercial and now I will go again after a year~ Time is really fast ㅠ.ㅠ
Oh! Now I feel hot!!! ^.^ I’ll return well~~~ Sawasdeeka!!! 🙏🏻”

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[LINE] 170226 – Dara shares her Cravings of Pan Pizza and the experience she had with it during her days in the Philippines


Originally I don’t like eating just the pizza
Usually I eat a lot of chicken with hamburger but today I want pizza. 🍕🍕🍕 The pizza that I always eat is the old pizza. It’s the common “Pan Pizza”.
Nowadays there are various kinds of pizza but for me the basic pizza is the most delicious one.
When we first went to Philippines when I was born, the first thing I tried was eating spaghetti and about that time it’s difficult to come across in Korea. Since we went to Philippines we started eating even pizza. (What Joseon Dynasty period did you live?ㅠㅠ) but 90’s was really the early stage of pizza, even spaghetti wasn’t really a common food right?! Specially to elementary students.. 🍕🍝
Anyway that’s why when we started eating it, pizza is still not a usual food.
It really hasn’t change.
This night when I want Xllibee spaghetti with chicken..🍝🍗
Good night~ 💤💤💤

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[LINE] 170223 – Dara’s Series of Throwback Thursday about her Philippine Valentine Vacation in her LINE Diary ~


Dara: “Only Elites can relate in reading English newspaper .. Whenever you ride a plane they would ask you “Do you want to read the newspaper?” And no one gets it … I just tried getting one at once .. ahahaha .. And thanks to it I was able to deeply asleep .. ^^;; #throwbackthursday”


Dara: “Ssantokki #throwbackthursday”

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[LINE] Dara gives thanks everyone who made the farewell song possible, especially to Blackjacks for waiting patiently ~


While we had our first recording for Get It Beauty, I was at the studio all day for 20 hours or so.
However —— I fell asleep until writing this part, yesterday at dawn ^^;; What on earth..fainting.. I just woke up.

Yesterday at the recording while I have my full concentration I didn’t even know that it snowed all day. The 21st day has passed… Another day has passed
even today has gone by like this.. Nevertheless…it’s relieving..
that we were able to say goodbye like this to Blackjacks.

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[LINE] Dara reveals her impulse on how she likes thing and buy it all and uses her AON Nail art collection


My nickname is “DaSandara” (word play of Sandara’s name and hangul phrase which means buy all).

If I like it I buy all…
I tend to impulse buy but thinking about it now it was good. These are like our AON goods, every time when we had our concert I bought all the goods.
Even though I always buy I can’t use it because they are too precious aren’t they. That’s why the members told me to just use it so it won’t get wasted, during our group activities I didn’t even use it even once so today I tried them.


It’s pretty~
It’s colorful and cute.
I think I’m most comfortable communicating with Blackjacks through my diary. I must be conscious with the spelling too..
Ah no ㅠㅠ just try writing comfortably… I’m sorry. *sobs*.. but again growing up kids can see my SNS update so from now on I’ll be more conscious on how I will write. 🙏🏻

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