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[NEWS] 2NE1 is voted as the Most Fashionable Girl Group and ‘Crush’ as the Most Favourite Girl Group Album on Billboard


2NE1 takes two no.1 positions in “Girl Group Week’s Reader Poll” on Billboard.

According to the poll, 2NE1’s album “Crush” is the Most Favorite Girl Group Album with 22% of the total votes which surpassed Little Mix’s “DNA” and Spice Girls’ “Spice”.

The girls also attracted much attention as they beat Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child and gain the title as the Most Fashionable Girl Group with 31% of the total votes.

Also “Crush” sets a new record as a K-Pop album with the highest ranking on Billboard 200 as it charted as no.61.

Congratulation to 2NE1!

Credits: dkpopnews

[NEWS] YG Life – 2NE1 Tops March GAON Digital Chart: 3 Songs in Top 10

[스타뉴스 길혜성 기자] YG’s 2NE1 (members CL, DARA, BOM & MINZY) topped Gaon’s overall March digital music chart.

The officially recognized Gaon Chart shows that among 2NE1’s 2nd full album released at the end of February titled “CRUSH,” their title song “COME BACK HOME” recorded a total of 55.74 million downloads and streaming for the month of March, ranking at the very top of the chart.

“COME BACK HOME” is a cross between R&B, reggae and even hip-hop, which is co-produced by YG’s main producers TEDDY and other producers. The song knocked down all charts immediately after its release, while topping many foreign iTunes. This was a song that proved 2NE1’s power home and abroad.

Apart from the song, 2NE1 also listed 2 other songs from the latest album in the overall Gaon Digital Chart’s top 10 in March. The other title song, “GOTTA BE YOU” ranked #5, while “IF I WERE YOU” ranked #10.

SOYU and JUNGGIGO’s “SOME” topped the February overall Gaon Digital Chart, and it maintained its popularity by coming in at #2 in March.


2014. 4. 10.

Source YG-Life

[ARTICLE] Dispatch Ranks the Girl Groups of 2013 – 2NE1 at #5

As usual, the competition among the trending idol girl groups has been fiercely intense in the year of 2013.  They have been releasing albums left and right, filming CFs, doing individual events, and more to get their name out there. Girls-Generation_1381773505_girlgroupranking-dispatch

Media outlet Dispatch ranked the top girl groups of 2013 by giving them scores based on various factors such as music album sales, music scores (based on digital charts), YouTube views, music show wins, rankings on overseas iTunes charts, number of fan cafe members, and more.  Out of all the songs a girl group may have promoted during the year, the song with the best score was chosen as the standard for each category’s points.

Although the competition may have been fierce, Girls’ Generation unsurprisingly grabbed the number one spot with quite a lead, more than tripling the score of second place runner-ups SISTAR.

5. 2NE1Girls-Generation_1381766793_20131014_girlgroups6 2NE1 proved very popular overseas.  They released “Falling in Love” in July, which became number one on seven different countries’ iTunes charts: Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei, and Hong Kong.  They got second place for YouTube points (134) with a total of 13 million views.  However, their scores within Korea were relatively low because “Falling in Love” was a digital single.  As they did not sell any physical albums, there were no points in that category.  Their points in the promotion category were also low as YG minimized the girls’ exposure, putting them in ninth place for nine pictorials and three CFs.  Regardless, they won second place for the number of fan cafe members (~ 78,000).

Check out the full list in the bar graph and charts below to see the full breakdown.

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