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[INSTAGRAM] 161106 Dara Finally Meets Ai & Ia, Shoots Mini Hearts to Fans + Reminds to Support PBS

I was watching the online show every weekend and now! I’m here finally and met Ai and Ia!!! 😀👋🏻 hi~~~!!! Thank you for the gifts and for those who voted me for the finger hearts contest hahaha 💘👍🏻 I ❤️ U #PinoyBoybandSuperstar #BoybandPH1stElim

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[TWITTER] Dara Shares Couple Shoes with Vice Ganda + Waiting for Rehearsal

“Couple shoes?!? 😀”

“Waiting for the rehearsal #BoybandPHLive

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[TWITTER] Judge Dara’s comments on Pinoy Boyband Superstar last Saturday and Sunday during the Middle Round

Saturday (161022) SNS Updates

Dara: “This is it!!! Super intense, exciting and fluttering Middle Rounds!!! Wow .. These episodes are fun to watch but at the same time it’s sad that there’s a lot of guys who’ll get eliminated in this round .. So let’s cheer and support the boys!! 😀👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 aja!!! #BoybandMidRounds@boybandph”

Dara: “Watching Pinoy Boyband Superstar online show!!! Excited to watch the #BoybandMidRound s🙈😵 I was having a hard time to choose the Top 20”

Dara: “Who are your Top 3?! #BoybandMidRounds”

Caption: “@krungy21: Before I don’t know how to speak Tagalog, ‘Mahal ko kayo’ that’s the only phrase I know #BoybandMidRounds”

Caption: “@krungy21 who will be group together? #BoybandMidRounds”

Sunday (161023) SNS Updates

Dara: ” The boys dance well?!? 👏👏👏 #BoybandLastChance”

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[TWITTER] Dara revealed her favorite Boy-band songs ~ “Quit Playin Games with my Heart and As Long as You Love Me Baby~”

Dara: “Quit Playin Games with my Heart and As Long as You Love Me Baby~ are my favorite boyband song that’s what we sing during Elementary”

Dara: “Is it obvious in my age? Backstreet boys’ songs are really good and will make you giddy!!! 🎤🎧 #BoybandRules

Translated by @ForeverWithDara

[INSTAGRAM] 160929 “Pinoy Boyband Superstar taping again! “

“Today too must go to work!!! Established my home in the waiting room  😁 12 years ago we were together during Human Theater right?! My dressing room became like my home. Pinoy Boyband Superstar taping again! Gogogo!!! 👊🏻 👊🏻 Do well boys!!! 😙”


Translated by : WeLoveDara

[TWITTER] Judge Dara talks about one of the Contestant in Pinoy Boyband Superstar and How she learned the Tagalog Language

Dara: “I had a hard time with an “Englisher” ~ nosebleed! But it is doable! Before, I didn’t know how to speak Tagalog but now I am more fluent speaking Tagalog and “Taglish”.”

Dara: “Did you guys know that I learned Tagalog during “Sandara’s Romance”? Because my spiel was pure Tagalog, so after that, wow! Its all new Sandara”

[TWITTER] Judge Dara ~ Watching Pinoy Boyband Superstar for its 2nd Week and thanks everyone for Supporting!

Dara: “Yes!!! I’m Watching!!!”

Dara was basically talking about the Livestream not working properly 🙂
The ‘Churva” thing is a gay-linggo its kind of an expression in the PH

Dara: “Yeah hey! Trending no. 1 in Worldwide and Nationwide! Thank you thank you who are your bet so far?!”