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[ARTICLE] Sandara Park, reclaims the stage in K-Pop Musical Treat

The K-Pop star returns to Manila in a mini-concert hosted by Penshoppe.

DARA. The Kpop star continues to wow local fans over a decade after getting her big break in the Philippines. All photos by Martin San Diego/Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – Lights, music, and fans filled up the KIA Theatre on December 1, 2017 as Sandara Park reclaimed her rightful place on the stage in one-night only mini-concert, Penshoppe Presents: Dara.

Since her debut on Philippine television in the early ‘00s by way of the first iteration of Star Circle Quest, Sandara has enjoyed a highly successful career in the country, both in film and music. Over the decades she’s branched out and launched an equally successful presence in South Korea as an actress, as well as a singer in the now-defunct, legendary K-Pop quartet, 2NE1.

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[PHOTOS] 171201 – Bolder, Braver and Stronger Sandara Park for PENSHOPPE Presents: DARA

First of all, I know all Blackjacks want to say this so, Penshoppe especially to its Creative Brand Director Sir Jeff Bascon, thank you very veryyy much for making this mini-concert/fan-meet happen!

Everything about this event is breath-taking, the set, the lights, the venue, the live band and of course our very own Sandara Park, for lighting up the whole KIA Theater with her hot and outstanding performance of 2NE1 songs ❤ We love you to the moon and back, Dara!

Enjoy the photos, Blackjacks!

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[INSTAGRAM] Dara thanks everyone who made her First Mini-Concert possible ~ To Sunwoo Jung-A, Choice37 and Kyung Joon

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혼자서 하는 공연은 처음이라 😰혼자 아둥바둥 할때 도움주신 지인분들 덕분에 공연 잘 끝냈습니다. 😆🙏🏻 많은분들이 좋아해주셨던 어쿠스틱 버젼 퉤니원 발라드메들리& 댄스 메들리는 내가 너무 좋아하는 천재뮤지션 선우정아양이 편곡해줬구요~ 👍🏻 혼자서 퉤니원노래들을 어떻게 부를까 고민할때 기가맥히게 다라버젼으로 셋리스트 만들어주신 우리 초이스오빠~ 👍🏻데뷔때부터 지금까지 항상 음원작업,녹음,엠알작업 다 도와주시는 우리 경준오빠~ 👍🏻 너무 감사해용😍😍😍 하트뿅뿅!!! There are talented musicians behind my performances last Friday that I would like to thank: @sunwoojunga for the acoustic medley, @choice37 for the additional edits to the tracks, and Kyungjoon oppa for helping me during recording. Thank you for the new arrangements and versions that you guys created for #PenshoppePresentsDara!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Dara: “It’s my first time to hold a concert alone 😰 While I was struggling by myself, thanks to my friends who helped me finished the performance well. 😆🙏🏻 To the one I like the most, Genius Musician Sunwoo Jung-A yangie who did the new arrangement, there were a lot of people who liked the acoustic version of 2NE1 ballad medley & dance medley~ 👍🏻 To our Choice oppa who superbly made the Dara version set-list while I was worrying about how will I sing 2NE1’s songs alone~ 👍🏻 And to our Kyungjoon oppa who is involved in our music, recording, and MR since debut until now ~ 👍🏻 Thank you very much 😍😍😍 heart bang bang!!!”

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[SNS UPDATE] Dara shares a Photo of Jam-Packed KIA Theater with Blackjacks ~ “Thank you and Love you”

Dara: “Thank you and love u ❤️❤️❤️ Dec. 1, 2017 KIA Theater. Manila, Philippines with Blackjacks ♠️”

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