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[VIDEO] Official Music Video for ‘One Step’ ~ “Shy Day” released today!

I thought it was sang by Dara ~ because some parts sounds like she was the one singing it and I didn’t notice the first 10 seconds of the video where they put who sang it keke ~ Anyone thanks to Chiiyong unnie for correcting me ^.^/

One Step Music Video – Shy Day by Lee Aram and Younghwa (not sure if its CNBlue’s Younghwa)

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[ARTICLE] Sandara Park talks about having a Solo Album and says 2NE1 will unite one day ~

Dara says she wants to release a solo album by the Summer!

During a cafe interview for her upcoming film ‘One Step‘, former 2NE1 member Dara opened up about the possibility of her solo album this year!

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[NEWS] Leaving the Comfort Zone of 2NE1 and Stepping into a Battlefield … “Sandara Park’s 3rd life.”

Sandara has shown a “true her” through music movie “One Step”. It was the first time she participated in a movie and played the leading role, which made it even more meaningful for her.

Sandara Park debuted as a 2NE1 member in 2009 and being a singer for several years. She now has a brand new title – actress – due to the movie “One Step”. Dara is gradually showing herself as an actress from web drama to the movie. Although she says “Well begun is half done.”, she only rates her acting skill a 51 points.

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[NEWS] ‘One Step’ Han Jae Suk • Sandara Park • Jo Dong In • Hong Ah Reum, on 24th at Busan… Mini Concert

According to the article, the 4 actors of One Step prepared an event for the audience on 24th in Busan.

They prepared something for college students who are spending a busy day called “School Attack” which will be held in a university at Busan without prior notice to have coffee together and share warm stories with the 4 actors of ‘One Step’,though it will be a first-come-first-serve basis.

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[SNS UPDATE] SNS Queen, Sandara Park goes to her Twitter and Instagram to promote “One Step”

She also posted the same photos in her Instagram account ^.^

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[INSTAGRAM] EGO Cafe’s Update with One-Step’s Main Cast, Sandara Park and Han Jaesuk

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