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[NEWS] WINNER Challenges 2NE1 by Singing Winner’s Version of “Missing You”

YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s new boy group WINNER (NAM TAEHYUN, KANG SEUNGYOON, SONG MINHO, KIM JINWOO, and LEE SEUNGHOON) challenges their senior YG group 2NE1 (BOM, DARA, CL, and MINZY).

WINNER discloses WINNER’s version of “MISSING YOU”, 2NE1’s ballad song, in cable channel Mnet’s reality show “WINNER TV” that will be broadcasted in the evening on the 24.

WINNER’s “MISSING YOU” starts with SONG MINHO’s rap and is an acoustic song in which the tones of KANG SEUNGYOON, NAM TAEHYUN, and KIM JINWOO create a harmony.

Plus, WINNER’s “1st WINNER WINTER SPORTS COMPETITION” held on a snow field will be also disclosed in the episode, too.

WINNER members compete with one another to gain the gold medal in the sports competition of three events including a race on a snowy field, hit-or-miss snow sledge race, and snow wrestling.

Meanwhile, WINNER is to make their official debut by the end of February this year.

Source : yg-life

[NEWS] 2NE1 ‘Missing You’, 1st Place in the Monthly Chart.. A Good Start From the Beginning of 2014

153719587_11 A group 2NE1’s ‘Missing You’ became the top in December monthly chart of Melon, Korea’s biggest music site.

2NE1 became the 1st place with ‘Missing You’ on December monthly chart that was released on the afternoon of January 1st through Melon website. 2NE1 rose to the top on December monthly chart and was brought to a successful conclusion and at the same time, started the New Year off nicely.

‘Missing You’, which was released on November 21st of last year, showed its power by dominating the top place in 9 music sites as soon as the song was released and proved its popularity by putting its name on Melon weekly chart based on the dates from November 25th to December 1st. Afterwards, it has been getting steady love from the fans by becoming the 2nd place on the weekly chart based on the dates from December 2nd to 8th and so on.

2NE1 wrapped up their end of the year schedules by appearing on SBS ‘Gayo Deajeon’ on 29th of last month and on KBS 2014 a special broadcast to greet the new year ‘Arirang Korea’ on December 31st.

In the upcoming March 1st and 2nd, they will start off the world tour in Olympics Park SK Handball Stadium in Bangee-dong, Seoul. In 2012, they held the world tour ‘New Evolution’ as the first one out of all girl groups. This second world tour is expected to have 17 performances in Korea, Japan and China and so on of 9 countries and in Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Yokohama and so on of 13 cities.

In regards to this, Dara posted an image that announces D-60 until they begin the world tour on her Tweeter on December 31st and have expressed feelings of anticipation. This countdown image was posted in a way that the days left decrease one by one until March 1st, which is the date of the start of the concert, and it is expected to give rise to the mood at the world tour in advance.

Source : Naver

[NEWS] YG-Life: 2NE1 Tops December’s Monthly Music Chart… Drama OST, Holiday Season Songs Also Jump to Top of Melon Chart


YG Entertainment’s girl group 2NE1 topped SBS’s music program Inkigayo’s monthly chart for Dec. with their song “Missing You.” The original sound track featured in the popular drama “Reply 1994” and Christmas season songs stood strong in the chart as well.

According to the 2013 Dec. monthly chart of a music site, MelOn, which was released on  Jan. 2, 2NE1’s “Missing you” ranked No. 1 and a girl group SISTAR’s member Hyorin’s “One Way Love” sat on No. 2. Seo In Guk and Zia’s duet song “Loved You” ranked No. 4, Wheesung and Gummy’s “Special Love” ranked No. 5, Davichi’s “Letter” ranked No. 6, San E’s “One Last Meal” ranked No. 7, miss A’s “Hush” ranked No. 8, Urban Zakapa’s “Winter In My Heart” ranked No. 9, and Huh Gak’s “Memory Of Your Scent” ranked No. 10.

The soundtracks featured in the drama “Reply 1994” sat atop MelOn’s music chart. Sung Si Kyung’s “To You” took No. 3 spot, Lim Kim’s “Happy Me” set on No. 13, Hi.ni’s “One I Can’t Have” ranked No. 19, B1A4’s “With You” ranked No. 58, Roy Kim’s “Seoul, Here” ranked    No. 61, and Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon Suk, Sohn Ho Jun’s “Feeling Only You” ranked No. 68.

Christmas carols and songs for the holiday season also stood strong on the MelOn music chart. Urban Zakapa’s “Winter In My Heart” ranked No. 10 and was followed by many holiday season songs. Jelly Fish Entertainment’s artists, such as Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, and Suh In Guk, released a Christmas single together, “Winter Confession,” which ranked No. 12, Crayon Pop’s “Lonely Christmas” ranked No. 25, Sung Si Kyung and Park Hyo Shin’s song that was released in 2012, “Because It’s Christmas,” ranked No. 38, Mariah Carry’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” ranked No. 57, Starship Planet Entertainment’s artists, such as K. Will and SISTAR, released a song called “Snow Candy” that sat on No. 62, and IU’s 2012 Christmas single “Early Merry Christmas” was on No. 75 spot.

Source : YG Life