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[INSTAGRAM] Our Favorite Weekly MC Maknae, Uploaded a Photo with her Yoo Jaesuk, Yoo Heeyeol and Kim Eana

Dara: “After Sugar Man! I had the chance to meet the sunbaenims again after it’s finished. It was my first time being an Entertainment MC so I laughed and learned a lot from them, Jaesuk oppa who is really good 😍 Heeyeol oppa 😍 Eana unnie 😍 Being with them is an honor. It was a delightful time. I will miss you ~~~!!! 💕💞💓Sincerely yours, your favorite weekly MC maknae Dara (__) *bow*”

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[PHOTO] Official Still-Cut of MC Dara with Sugar Man MCs for their last Episode

It’s kinda strange that this time next week, I won’t be watching Sugar Man with MC Dara T.T
well just like Dara said, “in every ending we have a new beginning ~ Job well done MC Dara! Can’t wait to see more of Sandara Park!


Source: JTBC

[PHOTOS] Pictures of Stunningly Beautiful MC Dara, Recording for JTBC’s Sugarman


Caption: “It as a delightful day~ 😀😊🤗 with a pretty unnie💕 #Sugarman #recording #SandaraPark #daily #memory #ttalstagram”


Caption: “Really pretty #SandaraPark #silkyskin #SugarMan

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