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[CAPS/TRANS] 140403 2NE1 at Guesting at MBCFM4U’s  Kim Shinyoung’s “Hope Song” Radio



KSY: Dara, you like alcohol?

Dara: Uhh, nowadays… “Bring out all the alcohol!” 

KSY : Minzy’s Drinking Habits 

CL: Her voice gets louder.

Dara: We had an after party after our concert and she would talk to other people.

KSY: As soon as “Crush” came out, I listened to the whole album repeatedly.

Bom: The part where we copy our CEO’s dance in Come Back Home is my favorite.

Dara: I like when the four of us do the wave during Come Back Home. It looks nice…is what my mother said.

KSY: Did you guys get a break since your comeback?

CL: We actually prefer not having a break, since we want to work a lot.

Minzy: I actually want a break a little. I want to go to the US or to Europe.

Park Bom: I prefer work over break now. I am in a new variety show. We are starting now. It’s so so fun. I don’t get sleep but its so fun.

KSY: I will say keywords and you can say who it is referring to! “Audition Rejections!”

Bom: I think me and CL.

CL: I think it’s Bom.

Bom: I was rejected over 10 times. I auditioned every month for 3 yrs.

Bom: ‘I Turned to You’ by Christina Aguilera is what I first auditioned with. I didn’t audition anywhere besides YG.

Bom: Since YG kept rejecting me I got angry, and I felt like I would succeed when I finally get accepted.

CL: I was rejected many times too. I sent demos for many years so I went to look for the CEO. I don’t know where the confidence came from.

Dara: I decided I wanted to be a singer when I saw Seo Taeji and Boys when I was in elementary school. Continue reading