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[INSTAGRAM] Excited Dara-noona posted a photo of Park Siblings from Secretly Greatly ~ “I have so many things to say but I’m afraid it might be a spoiler”

Dara: “*cries*~!!! 👊🏻 It’s today.. am I just a really good noona…? 😢 I have so many things to say but I’m afraid it might be a spoiler I will not talk about right now.. I will tell you later~You won’t miss it~right~?! 😛📺 #SecretlyGreatly

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[PHOTOS] Official Pictures of Gorgeous and Cutie Park Siblings from MBC Secretly Grealty

Caption: “🙊🙉🙈
Target : Sandara Park

Save her dongsaeng who is in crisis!
What is it indeed for Thunder, Sandara Park?

This week on (Sun.) at 6:45 PM. Must watch Secretly Greatly

#SecretlyGreatly #SandaraPark #Thunder #dogpoop (Dara’s nickname for her dongsaeng) #MBCentertainement

Caption: “🙊🙉🙈
Client Thunder⚡
participated to target Sandara Park on a hidden camera project!💥 🎬 Secret and great operation unfolded~📹 This week (Sun.) at 6:45 PM don’t miss it on Secretly Greatly

#SecretlyGreatly #SandaraPark #Thunder #MBCentertainement

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[INSTAGRAM] Dara posted a cute photo of her and Cheondoong for Secretly Greatly – “Just grow up healthy ~”

Dara: “It’s good to trick someone even asking for a hidden camera is nice. Just grow up healthy~~~😭😅😂 It’s a good thing that it was just for a hidden camera. #Dara #Thunder #SecretlyGreatly

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