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[NEWS] Exclusive: 2NE1′s Sudden Decision to Appear on MAMA + November 22: Release New Song?


2NE1, who made an announcement on relay-release of new songs in the second half of the year, began to build curiosity amongst the fans as there was no further news on the topic. However, their latest move hints that perhaps the girl group is ready to unveil another song.

It was confirmed on Nov 12 that 2NE1 suddenly decided to make an appearance on Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), which was originally excluded from their schedule. Their participation in MAMA before announcing any further plans for their end-of-year song promotion is arousing many to think that they are perhaps showcasing another comeback stage at the ceremony.

The suspicion comes at an interesting time as fans have recently been leaving comments on the fan website assuming that the girl group has already filmed the music video for the new song. Taking into account the time taken for the completion of music video, 2NE1’s new song will be releasing a new song next week, and will have their comeback performances immediately following it on Nov 22 at MAMA.

2NE1’s agency YG Entertainment is known for leaving comeback news tightly hidden under veil until right before the comebacks, so 2NE1’s sudden comeback is definitely an option that would not be left out by the entertainment agency.

2NE1, in their first two songs ‘Falling in Love’ and ‘Do You Love Me’, drew much attention by steering away from their original colors and showcasing bubbly, cute and charming selves. Thus all eyes are on 2NE1 to see how they would distinguish themselves from other girl groups, while also breaking away from the usual themes to come up with something completely new and fresh.

As the idiosyncratic 2NE1 successfully wrapped up their World Tour, which was a first for a South Korean girl group, their new song release are expected to attract much attention from the international fans as well.

MAMA, the largest music festival in Asia, will be held in Hong Kong’s Asia World Expo Arena on No 22.

Source : YG-Life