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[VIDEO] 2NE1 Behind the Scenes from MAMA 2013 in Hong Kong

Part 2 is out! ^^

0:14 CL: We’re dressed in black color which we all like, and again Dara unnie is with her hat. It’s very hot in Hongkong however we’re dressed in a hot (weather) concept.

0:45 Narration: 2NE1 who’s always showing off the best performances on MAMA stage

0:49 Q: There’s only a day left until your MAMA performance, how is it?

Dara: It will be great if we’ll do it soon. We missed performing on a big stage like this
CL: It’s good, it’s our first broadcast and we’re doing Missing You. I feel great and its very significant because we’re able to do it on MAMA stage. We need to do well tomorrow

0:33 MNET Music Asian Wards which has been the focus of attention around the world
The stars’ struggles for their bright performances

1:13 New song that will be performed first on MAMA stage, “Missing You”. 2NE1 members who are giving their heart and soul for the first release of their single

1:23 2NE1’s stage which caught Asian fans through the emotional atmosphere. Together with this, they said there’s an even more special collaboration stage…
Who’s this person beside CL? Electronic Pop duo “Icona Pop” who’s gaining a huge popularity in Korea with <I love it>
CL who’s giving her heart and soul for her collaboration stage with Icona Pop

1:54 CL who smiles even underthe stage like a girl, transforms into a female warrior once she goes up on stage. Her professionalism. She’s really an amazing lady!
With Icona Pop’s energetic music + CL’s cool rapping, a fantastic performance was born!

2:11 Q: Do you like your performance today?
CL: Yes but while we were doing Missing You stage, it was very sad but since I had to do the performance with Icona Pop, I was very excited.


2NE1 stage + CL’s performance with Icona pop, both stages are fantastic!

The main characters of the beautiful MAMA 2013 night are none other than 2NE1 and Icona Pop who showed a very amazing collaboration stage!

And here’s Part 1 in case you missed it 🙂

Credits : uthinkwhoiam

Translated by : @ilove2NE1girls

[VIDEO] 131130 Mnet Wide News – MAMA 2013 BTS: 2NE1

0:28 Dara: We will first unveil our new single on MAMA, so please look forward to it

Minzy: We prepared something special. It’s a performance that everyone can look up to so much. End!

Bom: We will go and come back safely~ Fighting!

1:20 Minzy: It seems like we’re doing a very very very high quality rehearsal

CL: End end end end

1:44 MC: Everytime 2NE1 goes to MAMA, you always come out with fur fashion.

CL: Is that so?

1:58 CL: The hairs on the fur are very thin so these are fine.

(theres a voice calling CL’s name from somewhere?)

2:15 Bom: CL! Wooooooooh!

2:25 Bom: Im so excited. As expected our CL is the best. We came to support her like this

Dara: We came to support her

Bom: Even if we shout from a far, she knows our voice so well that’s why she told them that it’s us. I think we need to go now

3:12 Dara: It’s the first stage for 2NE1′s new single that’s why I’m looking forward to it and Im also.. excited for boy groups’ cool performances.

MC: The stage that you’re looking forward to the most among boy groups?

Dara: Bigbang.. I heard a bit that Bigbang will do solo performances this time and they’re practicing now to put their performances altogether that’s why I’m super looking forward to it!

3:43 CL: We’re so happy we were able to attend MAMA.

3:55 Q: Your comment after finishing your MAMA performance?

Dara: Even coming here was a hard time, and it seems like we weren’t able to give a very cool stage. Anyways, it was a sad song.. I was looking at the audience and emotions were coming out so for a while, Its like I wasnt able to sing and I was carried away by my emotions. Missing You is a song that we like. It’s a song that fits well with the winter season so please love it and listen to it a lot!

CL: I’m going to watch the performance now~

Credits : uthinkwhoiam
Translated by : @ilove2ne1girls

[NEWS] 2NE1 Reflects on Its Music after Talking with Stevie Wonder


2NE1 members expressed their respect for the ‘king of pop,’ Stevie Wonder.


2NE1 had an interview on November 25 at a restaurant in Seoul about performing at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2013 MAMA).


2NE1 had performed its new song Missing You for the first time at 2013 MAMA on November 22.2ne1_missingyou_kpop_650-430

“We found out that we were performing Missing You at 2013 MAMA only three days before the show. We didn’t have enough time to prepare, so we have a lot of regretsabout our performance. I think the same was true for the PD who worked with us,” said 2NE1.

During 2013 MAMA 2NE1’s CL earned a lot of spotlight for performing with Icona Pop. She appeared in the middle of the stage to join Icona Pop with her rapping skills, showing her charisma off to fans.

The members also got the opportunity to chat with Stevie Wonder, who put on duet performance with Sistar’s Hyolyn at 2013 MAMA.

“We got to spend time talking with Stevie Wonder about music. I′ve always liked and respected his music and was really glad to hear some advice from him. I realized that music is meant to spread love, but we’ve been using music for a bit different purposes until now. It gave me a chance to reflect on myself as a singer,” said CL.

“He really has a big heart and tries to embrace the world with different perspective. After meeting him, I thought that, even though having a boyfriend and dating is important too, we need to use music for higher purposes. I think music can bring people together in oneness, and that’s what I want to do as an artist,” said the inspired member of 2NE1.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 plans to hold another world tour soon, going around cities in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and more.

Source : DramaRecap