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[SNS UPDATE] Dara shares a whole body picture of her ‘Harley Quinn’ Transformation and another photo with Lipstick Princes!


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[OFFICIAL] Official Pictures of Pretty and Glowing Sandara Park for OnStyle Lipstick Prince!


“Examining the photos Prince’s Heart fluttering Power Analysis
What is Sandara looking for?”


“Why is PO surprised?”
“Its Sandara Park!”
“7th Prince PO’s long time ideal type, Sandara Park”

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[OFFICIAL] OnStyle Official Naver Blog for Lipstick Prince featuring Harley Quinn Princess, Sandara Park!

Who is the princess that is coming to take Lipstick Prince up by storm?!
She wore a really flashy costume, loves chicken, and… palm trees?!

It’s Sandara Park!

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[INSTAGRAM] Harley Quinn-Dara shares a photo of Flower-boy and Handsome Lipstick Princes!

Dara: “Had a great time with the princes 😆💄 #LipstickPrince I really liked Harley Quinn Dara~!!! 😍👍🏻👏🏻🙏🏻”

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[TWITTER] Dara shares the hints on the next guest of Lipstick Prince and proclaimed her love for Fried Chicken ~

Dara: “💄Who is this princess?! 👸🏼Will you know by these hints?! My famous clothes..and chicken…🍗 and palm tree 🌴”

Dara: “The ramen was hidden so I didn’t see, this is how much I love chicken even if it’s an all-night filming if you buy me a chicken everything is okay! It’s tiresome so at home even if I’m lying around whoever lured me with a chicken I’ll leap out ㅋㅋ I can eat it thrice a day~ I like fried chicken. *crunch crunch*”

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[VIDEO] Preview of OnStyle’s Lipstick Prince – “P.O’s ideal type shows up in Lipstick Prince”

Lipstick Prince is a show where Korea’s great flower-boy idols do makeover, discuss makeup and beauty trends.

The flower-boy idols are Heechul, Tony Ahn, Block B’s U-Kwon and P.O, NCT’s Doyoung, Monst X’s Shownu and SF9’s Rowoon.

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