[VIDEO] Kim Woobin mentions 2NE1 on M!Countdown New Year Special + Translation

11:10 KWB: Recently, 2NE1 said their promise (if they win #1). It was 2NE1 competing for #1 with Ms. Hyorin that time. Suddenly..

11:24 Dara: It’s a sad song so I will do a sad acting like a scene from dramas with Mr. Kim Woobin. You’ll do it with me right?

11:32 KWB: “You’ll do it with me right?”, so I have to answer like this, “Yes~~~”. They really won first place. I was already going down the stage but CL said “You’re not going to do what you promised?” and I said “Ah ah, yes” so I went back to the stage and I did the acting but..
2NE1, as long as its not dancing and singing, I’m fine with it. Please call me again anytime.

Video Credit : tt o

Translated by : ilove2NE1girls