[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s Dara Says She’s Still Waiting for The One


2NE1‘s Dara says she’s still waiting for the one to come along.

On the August 14th broadcast of KBS 2FM‘s ‘Yoo In Na’s Volume Up‘, 2NE1 and their new YG labelmate Kang Seung Yoon appeared as guests. When DJ Yoo In Na asked if she had a boyfriend, Dara responded, “Not yet. I don’t have one as usual. I still believe that the one will show up.”

She went on, “I’m trying not to be impatient though. I trust that he’ll come along one day.”

Dara also mentioned what she thinks she has going for her, joking, “I’m so cute and fresh that it gets in the way when I sing a serious song.”

2NE1 are currently promoting their latest song “Do You Love Me“.

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[NEWS] Kang Seung Yoon “The YG Senior Closest To Me? Big Bang’s Seungri, Sandara Park”


Kang Seung Yoon chose Big Bang’s Seungri as his closest senior (T/N: sunbae).

On the broadcast of SBS Power FM “Park So Hyun’s Love Games” on the 12th, singer Kang Seung Yoon revealed several stories about his life as a trainee in YG Entertainment for three years.

On that day, DJ Park So Hyun asked, “Who’s the person closest to you in YG?” To this, Kang Seung Yoon replied with, “Big Bang’s Seungri-hyung was the first one to talk with me and helped me a lot. Hyung seems to be the person closest to me,” he said.

Kang Seung Yoon also reveals that among the female seniors, he is closest to2NE1. In relation to this, Kang Seung Yoon said, “2NE1 noonas are really friendly. Especially Park Bom and Sandara Park noonas, who take good care of me. I’m very grateful,” he revealed.

On the other hand, Kang Seung Yoon is busily working hard in promoting his debut single, “Wild And Young.”

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[ARTICLE] YG Entertainment and KBS TV, Finally Collaborating?


YG Finally Collaborates with KBS?


2NE1 is set to appear on ‘Music Bank’ for the first time in three years with their new song, ‘Do You Love Me’ in September

It seems as if the hot, hot summer is finally melting the glacier that stood between YG and KBS.

YG Entertainment announced that on August 9 2NE1, solo artist Kang Seung Yoon, and other YG artists will appear on KBS ‘Music Bank.’ Especially excited to see these performers are the fans that love both parties.

2NE1 will be releasing their new song ‘Do You Love Me’ live on ‘Music Bank.’ When one considers that YG has not had any of its members star on KBS, this is an unexpected but welcome surprise. Continue reading

[LINE/AUDIO] 130804 Double Park Radio with Kang Seung Yoon

KSY: Hi everyone.. Hello I am Kang Seungyoon.
Dara & Bom: Woo hoo~~
KSY: Now I am in Dara’s taxi for Double Park TV.
KSY: Ah no..
Dara & KSY: Double Park Taxi!!
KSY: Double Park Taxi! Ah sorry..
Dara: It is where Dara drives! It is where Sandara drives!
KSY: Her mouth (how she says) is upright!
Dara & Bom: Hahahaha /claps/
Bom: Wow we won over KSY~!!!
KSY: I am now riding Double Park Taxi as a first guest..
Dara & Bom: Welcome~^_^
KSY: Yes~ Thank you!
Bom: Okay so don’t only talk about that.. but.. yes.. so can you promote for us?
KSY: Yes of course. Okay so Double Park TV…..
Bom: 2NE1
KSY: 2NE1…..
Bom: Lol you repeat everything what I say..!
Dara: /laughs/
KSY: So even if you love 2NE1 a lot, please love 2NE1’s <Falling in Love> in the future too/
Dara & Bom: The promotion for that ended! Do You Love Me, Do You Love Me!
KSY: Please also love <Do You Love Me> that will be coming out soon.
Bom: It could be released tomorrow..
KSY: Oh really..?
Dara: Uh? No, it’s the 7th..
Bom: Oh but tomorrow..the music video../mumbles/ Mr. YG said that he will release it (the teaser) tomorrow..
Dara: Omomomomomo?? Really???? Aigo omomomomo..!!!
Bom: AH AH this might not be legit!!
Dara: Ya we don’t know it yet~~!
Bom: Yes whatsoever everyone, what I said could be wrong.. I’m always out of my mind b/c of my sleepiness right? Okay go to the next section.
KSY: So please love <Do You Love Me> a lot ^_^ I heard it in the studio when I passed it,
Dara & Bom: Woaaahh~~~
Bom: How was it?
KSY: It’s really.. In my opinion, and as a fan who likes 2NE1 noona’s songs, the song sounds good even to an artist’s ears. Yup.. it was a really good song.
Dara: Woah~ he’s a good friend.
KSY: Since it was really good, I..
Bom: What’s the mood and feeling of the song when you heard it? It’s kind of sharp and yeah, I’m questioning him right now just to make sure if he really heard it.
KSY: No.. I heard it… but! certainly! it is a song just like my <Wild and Young> that matches up well in summer. Kyaah~ seriously everybody, if you listen to it in summer, you will never regret it!
Dara & Bom: Wooah~~~~
KSY: I will guarantee that now.
Bom: Mr. KSY is cheering for us now~
Dara: We also cheer for KSY!
All three: Yeah~~!!! Woo hoo~!!!
Bom: And if you watch Double Park TV soon, you can see a better picture of this!
KSY: Yup that’s right.
Bom: Yes please look forward to it!
Dara: Yes, oh wait it’s almost 3 minutes!!!
Bom: Okay then hey! /laughs ㅋㅋ/
Dara: Hey Hey Hey?????
Bom: Okay Bbyong!!

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Translated by : @2ne1bbmania
Korean Subtitles by : @closer_21 via LP2NE1

[ARTICLE] Kang Seung Yoon, After Party With 2NE1 Bom-Dara


Singer Kang Seung Yoon revealed his after party after his debut stage.

Today, group 2NE1’s member Bom posted on her Twitter, “The first customer of Double Park’s call-taxi today? It’s singer Kang Seung Yoon! We ate after we went to support his stage on ‘Inkigayo.’ Cool guy Kang Seung Yoon. Today was fun” along with a picture.

In the picture, Kang Seung Yoon is eating with 2NE1’s Bom and Dara. On this day, Kang Seung Yoon had his debut stage on SBS “Inkigayo” and his agency family members Dara and Bom had gone to show him support.

Internet users who saw this commented, “They’re like real siblings,” “What nice sisters!,” etc.

Photo Credit: Bom Twitter

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