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[TWITTER] Dara Introduce the New Manager to Blackjacks ~ “Say hi to our Maknae Manager Andrew!!”

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[TWITTER] Dara ~ Uploaded a Photo Jjangmae as Contestant No. 13 “Miss Incheon Son Ji Soon~”

[tweet https://twitter.com/krungy21/status/648912998229127168 align=center]

Dara: “I’m contestant no.13 Miss Incheon Son Ji Soon~”
(손지순 = son ji soon = gentle hand)

Translated by @21TASTICBABY

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[TWITTER] Dara Uploaded a ‘Cameo’ Photo of Jjangmae for Missing Korea ~ “Why did he enter?” + “This is not Jjangmae’s acting debut”

[tweet https://twitter.com/krungy21/status/648664858070638592 align=center]

Dara: “Attention grabber Jjangmae… Why did he enter in the camera angle…?!  ㅋㅋㅋ”

Dara: “This is not Jjangmae’s acting debut. This was taken during breaktime. Ahh~ I sound like his spokesman ㅋㅋㅋ 🙅”

Translated by @WeLoveDara

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[TWITTER] Dara Shares a Photo with the Managers while Watching We Broke Up but Jjangmae …

[tweet https://twitter.com/krungy21/status/619463716728279040 align=center]

Dara: “Gathered together with our cutie managers at our building’s restaurant to watch We Broke Up live ~ There’s TV on our room too!!! hihihi … Amazing right?! But … Jjangmae .. doesn’t care about the drama or the picture and he’s just focused on the food kkk”

Translated by @ilvoe2ne1girls

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