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[INTERVIEW] Dara’s Interview with 10Asia — Talks About “One Step” Movie

10Asia: You’ve been very busy for the promotion of your movie. Recently, you went to Busan.

Dara: Everything has been very interesting. I haven’t felt physically tired yet. (laughs)

10Asia: The VIP Premiere became a hot topic because a lot of people came. What did you talk about after the movie screening?

Dara: I was extremely nervous during that day. It was my first time doing something like that alone, and I haven’t tried inviting people like that before as well. I was worried that the movie theater would be empty, but a lot of people came. Someone gave me a bouquet, and it was difficult for me to hold it even with both hands. I really felt so lucky to be have good people around. They told me that everyone has a hard time at the beginning, but advised me to hold on because things will get better gradually.

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