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[VIDEO] 151202 2NE1 Turns Up the Crowd for MAMA 2015’s Fire + I Am The Best Surprise Stage

History has been made at 2015 MAMA. 2-N-E-1 is back! Park Bom is back! (We Miss you so much Bommie! 😘 I know for sure that Blackjacks all over the world are still in daze and awe because of what happened.

Enjoy and Savor this moment, Blackjacks ~ ♥️

Source: Mnet (K-Pop) + 2NE1 Official Channel

[ARTICLE] 10 K-pop Albums for People Who Don’t Like K-pop – 2NE1 at No. 7

K-pop encompasses anything and everything under the umbrella of pop music in South Korea written between the late 1990s and today. Boy bands and girl groups, known colloquially as idols, making upbeat dance songs represent the current trend, but hip-hop, folk music, power ballads, EDM, and more can also fall into the K-pop genre. But chances are K-pop appears overwhelming to non-fans, particularly those outside of South Korea and who shun anything that falls remotely in the pop genre.

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