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[ARTICLE] Head and Shoulders Launches its Suprême Series with Sandara Park and Mario Maurer

Most women think that soft and dandruff-free hair is an impossible combination to have. For the longest time, it was widely accepted that having a healthy scalp also meant living with dry hair that anti-dandruff shampoos were harsh for your hair.

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[SNS UPDATES] 171010 Dara Thanks Fans for Coming to H&S Supreme Launch

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[SNS UPDATES] 171007 Dara Announces Her Schedule for October 10 ~ Meet Sandara & Mario!

[ENDORSEMENT] The New Head and Shoulders CF with Gan-Dara’s beautiful hair ~ “Why settle for anything less”

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Check out the promotional photos below!

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[INSTAGRAM] 161106 Dara Shares A New Secret~ Reveals The Official Shampoo of PBS

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[INSTAGRAM] 160828 Head & Shoulders ~ “Free from dandruff, free to dance!”


[INSTAGRAM] Curious Dara asked everyone if they saw the latest Commercial for Head & Shoulders ~

Dara: “Have you guys seen my latest commercial directed by Chris Applebaum? Check out this link~!!! 💙 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lHP5daKq3PY #repost#HeadandShoulders #GandaraHair#DaraHair #해드앤숄더”

and ~ Dara’s Philippine version Head & Shoulders CF is out!

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[ARTICLE] Sandara Park’s Top Skin and Hair Care advice, Plus! Her Newest Beauty Secret

Head & Shoulders 1

“Pwede ba Taglish?” (is it okay in Taglish*) was all Korean pop superstar Sandara Park had to say to charm the Philippine press in Bangkok during our interview. She was just introduced as the latest Head & Shoulders brand ambassador, and she looked delighted to see her kababayans (Trans: countrymen) even as she clinched one of her biggest endorsements to date.

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