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[VIDEO] 140525 Seungyoon & 2NE1 with Tablo and Haru Cut on “Superman Returns”

This is super hilarious and cute!!!

Rough trans : When Seungyoon came, Tablo said “Haru, handsome oppa is here,” and Haru said, “Where?”

And then Bom came, “Who am I?” Haru answered, “Park Bom unnie.” Then Bom pointed at Dara, “Who is she?” They all laughed when Haru only chuckled. Finally Dara said “I’m aunt Dara~”

Source : KBSEntertain

[TWITTER] Dara Shares Her Photo with Haru at The Backstage + Cheondoong Replies

Dara : HaruDara!!! ♥ Our beautiful Haru~ With aunt Dara ^.^

Cheondoong : It’s fish Haru!

Dara : It’s Uncle Cheondung!!

Translated by : ilove2NE1girls