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[ARTICLE] 140521 – Naver Music Special: 2NE1 Releases Music Video for Double Title Track “Gotta Be You”

2NE1 who heated up the music industry for the first half of 2014 with their second full album after 4 years, “Crush”! They released the music video for the double title track “Gotta Be You”. 2NE1 showed their charisma and dark look in “Come Back Home” music video but they turned 180 degrees as they showed off a new look. See 2NE1′s fresh and  different charm through Naver Music!

Style | ‘Gotta Be You’ 2NE1 Main Point

Point 1 Music Video with Jeremy Scott outfits

2NE1′s long time friend Jeremy Scott also made participation on “Gotta Be You” music video. On “Happy” MV which was first released, Jeremy Scott personally made an appearance but for this music video, he was with 2NE1 indirectly through their outfits.


The colorful, witty graphics and the design of the outfits fits perfectly with the bright and vivid set. The ‘Moschino’ outfits that were personally designed by Jeremy Scott with moremixes showed a lighter feeling. Let’s see the  Jeremy Scott x Moschino for this season on “Gotta Be You” music video!

Point 2 |  Special Music Video Set that Can Only Be Seen On Gotta Be You M/V!


Each of the members filmed a scene inside the giant mazes.  Beside Dara who’s wearing silver outfit and receiving a call from a payphone is  CL who wore yellow outfit while rapping. Minzy’s room was displayed side by side in serial box while Park Bom appeared with 10 female models.

Exclusive | ‘Gotta Be You’ MV Naver Exclusive Steel-cuts Revealed!


Source: Music Naver 
Translated by: Cathy@WeLoveBom