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[INSTAGRAM] 170822 Dara & RisaBae Team Up for GIB Make Up Class

💕I received a private makeup lesson from God Sabae-nim >.< Wait for it!!! Unskilled 🔜 Gold Hands (Skilled)😊✌🏻 I will reveal next time about what kind of makeup I learned today~hihihi 💋💄What if from now on I’ll get first place in Get Beau Battle.. 🙈😂 “Don’t count your chickens before it get hatched” (this idiomatic expression means don’t think ahead)ㅋㅋㅋ

Having a private lesson with passionate🔥Dara unnie 🙈💕Unnie must! Obtain 100 points, looking forward to it!!💯!!

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[PHOTOS] Fans Spotted tourist Dara at London, United Kingdom roaming, dining and shopping around in the city!

ICYMI: Dara’s in London, UK for Get It Beauty 201 filming ~ ^.^/
I decided not to put the link of the owners since some of them already put their account in Private.
But all credits goes to them 🙂

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[INSTAGRAM] 170526 ‘Get It Beauty’ Featuring YG Family ~ CL, WINNER & AkMu

[PHOTOS] Get it Beauty free Wallpapers from the MCs Special Shoot for Episode 7 ~

To download the photos if you’re in mobile, just press on the photo and hold for at least 2 minutes then download.
For desktop users, right-click and “open image in new tab” to have the original resolution ^^ Enjoy!

2 Phone Wallpaper for Sandara Park

And 1 desktop wallpaper of Sandara Park and Lee Honey and 1 desktop wallpaper of the for GIB MCs! Below ~

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[PHOTO] Get It Beauty 2017 MCs Photographed Candidly ~ Still Beautiful as Usual

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