[SNS UPDATES] 170707 Sandara Park Releases Teaser for Dara TV on YouTube

Hello, everyone! I’m Dara~♥
I’m finally back with Dara TV today July 7, 2017 !!

This channel is all about my daily life.
I will show you my everything which
I couldn’t show you through On Air before,
more friendly, freely, and extremely.

I’ve missed u guys so so much…!!
I hope this channel could be a connection between me and you,
so please be with Dara TV!

DARA TV NOLZA !! go, go, go~!!! ^.^

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[SNS UPDATES] Dara Announces YouTube Channel + Goods Launch Date

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[VIDEO] Dara teases fans for her upcoming Youtube channel with a very short but exciting preview for DaraTV ~

Dara: “Very very very short preview for my youtube channel #DaraTV #WhatsInMyBag slight preview … Cellebrity Dara’s one day kekeke I’m planning to show all about Dara’s day but just filmed for broadcast with no preparation at all 😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻”

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