[LINE] 160706 – Dara shares a Drawing drawn by a Blackjack and praises Blackjacks for their Talents


“This is so cute~ This was also drawn by a Blackjacks right?! Since I had my debut until now Blackjacks have drawn me with different hairstyles and clothes concept and even made sine stickers (There is still a lot of stickers I put .. now where should I stick it .. ) I changed my phone a lot of times I can’t keep them all T.T not long ago my phone can’t airdrop so it’s really hard to find a photo ..

Compared to a technologically  illiterate like me I can’t move it to my computer. They are all cuties so I’ve wanted to keep them all so I must share +.+ Want you want you!!! No what’s wrong! I feel really great and thankful that there are talented Blackjacks ^.^”

Translated by @WeLoveDara

[LINE] Dara Revealed Photos of Kim Jeonghoon on her Diary and talks about the Show Men ~ “my heart keeps on beating louder”

In the past when you were young you did this right?

Don’t say you didn’t ~ Liar!!! Nowadays kids don’t do this anymore?! You put pictures of Oppa that you like in your diary … and write this and thatt with your friends .. HAHAHAHA


That day when we completed recording Sugar Man after arriving at home I thought of this all of a sudden and went to look for it .. Why I have Jeonghoon oppa’s photo like this? keke I really have it ~ This is really funny and amazing .. Ah I played like this when I was a teenage girl? I don’t even remember until now I was a sensitive girl ^^ Cute 🙈 

Ah that’s why .. even while filming for Missing Korea I mentioned this in a press interview that I was a fan of UN and my heart was fluttering ..?! Anyway I talked about it, when we had script reading and filming I had no time to heart fluttering gossips. T.T I had to practice my line, speak with North Korean accent, dance practice for Miss Korea, and Korean Mask dance.

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[LINE] Sugar Man’s Maknae MC Dara Pours out her Thoughts and Feelings for the last Broadcast ~ “I’m really thankful”


Sugar Man’s last broadcast has ended. Woah .. For the past 9 months I was really happy. As you know we are never quiet like this for so long. Active in broadcast and furthermore no need to fix where we will film that’s why it’s a meaningful program to me so I will continuously remember this. It feels like my first love. ❤

I was sad and sorry for the lack of appearance because I don’t have much role … but then I’m thankful and happy to meet and have good ties with them. If every week you meet Jaesuk oppa, Heeyeol oppa and Eana unnie who are beautiful and it would be good if you receive an advice. And to Yoon HyunJoon PD-nim who believed in me .. T.T To all the Lyricists I’m going to miss you and I’m very thankful …

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[LINE] Delightful and Happy Dara because she met a 2NE1 fan during Sugar Man Recording

160302 - Dara LINE Update-1

“Reading the script carefully look …

I was suddenly surprised today while recording for Sugar Man.

I interviewed some female students at seats for teenagers and between them there was only one male student. I only interviewed one person but that student’s lover told me that he is a 2NE1 fan and said Dara noona I came here to see you … I was really shocked ..

It was unexpected .. These days there are no chances to meet our fans so while having this unexpected meeting .. I was very touched and couldn’t help my heart from being so happy .. I was delighted

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[LINE] 160216 – Dara’s LINE Diary Update Talks about her ‘Permed’ Hair and Sugar Man tonight!


“Sorry my hair got permed …

My hair shows how much I got stressed.
But why does everyone’s hair keke

Ah … by the way today it’s time for Sugar Man but I have and Airplane so I thinkg I can’t watch it.
But today’s episode is exciting!!!

So sad … I must watch later ~”

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[LINE DIARY] Dara Reveals she’s currently in Bangkok for Work and Missing the Warm weather

160211-LINE Diary-1


I’m now at Thailand ^_^

I am really amazed and thankful when after my work is done there will be a gift like this always, an overseas schedule.
Last year too I almost froze filming Dr. Ian but after that I went to Singapore, returned to Philippines then while doing We Broke Up /Producer after a month I went to Hawaii~ In Missing Korea..Oh before filming for it I went to America hihi but even so it’s wonderful right?!

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[LINE] Dara’s LINE Diary Entry #3 ~ Talks about the Sunbaenims she met and what it felt like being a Teenager


“Ha Hyeongon Sunbae-nim who got the role as the drummer!!!
Daebak it’s amazing~~~
With my favorite Click V Sunbae-nim who became like my bandmate … 
A lot of time passed by ..

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