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[TWITTER] Dara’s Surprise Q&A Time Round 2 – Talks about Bommie, Live Performances, Composing, Mathemathics, Secret Relationship, and More!

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“What’s up Blackjacks?!? Surprise~!!! Q&A time is back!!! 🙂 I’m gonna pick 21 questions with the hashtag #2NE1 #COMEBACKHOME go go go~!!!”

Q&A 1

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bomlips21 : Uhm, Bom-unnie… is going to appear on the program, Roommate, what do the members think about this? How do you think unnie will do? 

Dara : Half so excited and looking forward to it ~ and half anxious, but one thing I know! For sure this would be really fun, don’t you think so?! ㅋ 

Q&A 2

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VIGTORYGD : The expression on your face during live performances is the best and leaves a deep impression, what does unnie think of to act like this on stage?!

Dara : There’s this feeling before the music starts when I’m singing live, which is like everyone’s holding their breath, not just for us singers, but the audience as well, and it gives me goosebumps every single time, I immerse myself in it.. So the expression on my face during performances comes out naturally, and not something I just act out.. Kya…. 

Q&A 3

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cjstk4 : Dara-unnie!!!!! What did you do during Bom-unnie’s birthday??? You guys didn’t come on Twitter… And were so quiet, so I got really curious..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ┗(-_-;)┛

Dara : ㅋㅋㅋ Ah, so funny~ Please ask Bom-unnie herself regarding this ㅋㅋㅋ

Q&A 4

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DARAistheBAP : do u write songs? i mean did u ever tried writing songs dara yah ?

Dara : I tried writing lyrics but i gave up coz it was kinda too much haha(cheezy)But i can always try again 🙂

Q&A 5

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cheren21 : what subject that u hate the most in high school?

Dara : I hate mathematics 🙂

Q&A 6

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dezari28 : what do u prefer.. having a secret relationship or a relationshp in public?

Dara : Honestly I prefer secret relationship~ But of course I’m gonna tell Blackjacks when im getting married! 🙂

Q&A 7

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BINGUBAENG : are you a strict sister to Cheondung?? hehehe

Dara : I’m not strict to cheondoongie at all~ 🙂

Q&A 8

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vip2631 : Dara-unnie! Chaerin-unnie is already into composing, has unnie thought of trying her hand to compose too? Doesn’t unnie want to tell the stories that she writes through a song composition?

Dara : I already did attempt to write lyrics, but it was too extreme (T/N: can also be radical, violent) and ended up a failure ㅋㅋ

Q&A 9

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littleBIGfan21 : Dara yah so you are not going to perform guitar in the rest AON world tour? i really wish to see ^^

Dara : I’m not sure.. My guitar is too heavy… Over charge.. Haha just kidding! 🙂 I need to practice more~

Q&A 10

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febyongdal21 : how is your first time touring with Winner? can you reveal us some of the boys habits?

Dara : they’re soooo cute and lovely and bubbly!!! More aegyo than 2ne1 noonas~ 🙂

Q&A 11

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tabipolar : ati tagalog answers juseyo

Dara : sure! Tagalog questions juseyo~ 🙂

Q&A 12

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ZhalynKang18 : Dara, why do you like Jollibee so much? What’s your favorite food to order there?

Dara : Jollibee is delicious!!! I also have a lot of memories at Jollibee. I had a birthday party held there when I was a kid 🙂

Q&A 13

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koryanns : What’s the sweetest thing that your boyfriend did for you?

Dara : Writing handwritten letters for me on the special day?! I like it when there’s effort involved hehehe…

Q&A 14

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akosidimple : Have you ever cooked Filipino food for 2NE1?

Dara : I cooked pancit canton at our dorm!!! They liked it 

Q&A 15

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blovesbomxxi : Unni, Do you believe in love at first sight???

Dara : yes!!!

Q&A 16

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mezzy06 : Have you experienced love at first sight?

Dara : Yes, of course!!!

Q&A 17

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syalmiazira_ : unnie, why do you like a guy who are good at playing guitar? Hahaha

Dara : I just like people who has common interests with me so that we can relate to each other 🙂

Q&A 18

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cloverjho_ : Unnie, have you eaten already? What was your breakfast?

Dara : No, I haven’t eaten yet.. I haven’t slept yet too… T.T

Q&A 19

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WeLoveYGFam : What’re you doing right now? kekeke^^

Dara : still working… We didn’t sleep for 3 days already

Q&A 20

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Dara : I like little mermaid!!! 🙂

Q&A 21

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JonJayEm : What is one thing you miss most about being Sandara Park before 2NE1? (:

Dara : being krungkrung~

Translated by : WeLoveDara