[TWITTER] 170325 Dara Appreciates Handwritten Letters by Fans, Expresses Her Gratitude and Love

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[INSTAGRAM] 160402 Dara Posts Gifts From Fans, Thanks Them With All Her Heart


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[TWITTER] Dara’s Q&A Session with Blackjacks

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“Fansign event was so fun~~!!! We wanted to give everything to everyone who came but..!!! We can only do it to the winners so its hard ㅠ.ㅠ So i prepared a cute event for those wwho didnt win! Q&A time!!! How about that?!”

“A special event for the Blackjacks who weren’t picked for the Autograph Event! #2NE1 will be replying to questions hashtagged #COMEBACKHOME!”

” ah ah CL who doesnt have twitter will reply through my phone so please ask lots of questions~^^ She’s beside me now”

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