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[ARTICLE] Sandara Park Shares Why Uhm Jung Hwa Is Her Ultimate Role Model

Sandara Park recently talked about her goals for the future.

During an interview for her upcoming film “One Step,” the singer-turned-actress talked about her new role as Hong Seol’s friend Jang Bora in the film “Cheese in the Trap.” According to the report, Sandara Park has worked hard to bring her character Jang Bora to life. Even during her audition, she surprised the production team by preparing a refreshing and straightforward way of speaking for the role. “Rather than creating something, I’d rather act in my own style as usual. The director requested that I do so.”

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[NEWS] Elle Malaysia: Sandara Park at Mid Valley for Moonshot — The Best Moments with the K-POP Star from the Event


Korean pop star and 2NE1 member Sandara Park, known by her fans as Dara, was at Mid Valley last night for a Moonshot launch event. Dara is the face of Moonshot makeup, along with G-Dragon (who sadly wasn’t there). The singers and the makeup brand are under the YG Entertainment Group.

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[ARTICLE] It’s all K on the f’row: How Korea Became Fashion’s New Fraternity


Seoul crew: CL; G-Dragon, with deer stalker, blazer and Breton top; Dara

The might of a fashion designer could once be judged by the number of times Alexa Chung has sat front-row at his show or how long it took for Cara Delevingne’s dog to grace it with its presence. But in 2016, the only way to gauge a brand’s true gravitas is by counting the number of South Korean pop stars in its corner.

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[ARTICLE] “Happy Birthday Sandara Park” … YG Reveals Dara in a Pure-White Dress + Comments

1. [+2490, -93] How can she be such a gorgeous baby face ㅜ Happy birthday!

2. [+1642, -55] Happy Birthday Sandara Park~ hope you have a lovely day~!

3. [+1401, -77] Super pretty. I’m crying ㅜㅜ

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[ARTICLE] Dara Released Hidden Feminine Beauty… ‘Pure Dara’ to Celebrate Her Birthday

DARA - YG STAGE 8Heroine for YG STAGE November pictorial is Dara. Her label revealed the one without revealing face on the teaser image for ‘Maison de Jasmine’ released on YG STAGE (www.ygstage.com) and YG STAGE official SNS on November 10 was Dara at midnight on November 12.

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