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[ARTICLE] 21 Things We Loved About 2NE1’s AON In Manila!

21 Things - Article - 1


Words by Kris Rocha

Photos from Kris Rocha, Ferdie Arquero, Gerley Quilala, Jollibee’s Twitter Page, ForeverDara.Com, 2NE1 PH’s Facebook Page &2NE1’s Official Facebook Page.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over! 10 days after the much awaited concert of 2NE1 in Manila, a lot of fans still has the #AONHangover.

To relieve this, we listed down the 21 things we loved about All Or Nothing in Manila!

21 Things - Article - 2

1. Krungy Since the day she touched down Manila few days before their ”All or Nothing” World Tour, 2ne1’s Sandara Park did not fail her fans as she was all over the local news and television shows promoting and doing her job as the group’s  Director Of Communications. With interviews and TV guestings left and right, it just shows how much she missed Manila. It seems only yesterday when she captured the hearts of the Filipinos with her fresh look and witty personality. She still was the same Krung-Krung from Star Circle Quest 10 years ago; funny, down to earth, humble, CRAZY and can speak in straight Tagalog! In fact, she even requested to be interviewed in Tagalog! How’s that for a Korean superstar with no Filipino blood? Sandara genuinely loves the country and considers Philippines as her hometown. No wonder why even she has been gone for a while, she always has a special place in Filipinos’ hearts.

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2. Jollibee – Sandara loves Jollilbee and she always makes it a point to eat here if she has the opportunity. During their visit here in Manila, Jollibee threw them a “Jollitown Kiddie Party”. As seen on Sandara’s instagram posts, the 3 other members of the group, CL, Minzy and Bom together with their crew had a fun time with the happy bee. Jollibee even had a showdown with the girls while dancing to CL’s “Menboong”. And guess who won? Some photos of Jollibee with 2ne1 were also posted on Jollibees’ official twitter page.

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3. Scream – A special mall appearance was arranged by the organizers and an Open Press Conference was held at Shangri-La Plaza’s East Wing the night before the concert. Kring Elenzano and Jimmy Kim hosted this event. Cover group “Sapphire” opened and performed some of 2ne1’s hits. Fun games and activities hyped up the program as fans were waiting for 2ne1’s arrival.  Prizes were raffled off to fans who participated in the Shangri-La Plaza’s special promo and 30 of them were given a rare photo opportunity with 2ne1! Special right?
As expected, the crowd went wild as the girls arrived and stepped on stage. Shang’s East Wing was surrounded by running and screaming fans. Every time the girls waved at their fans, do cute things with each other and answered questions from the media, fans screamed! We couldn’t even hear ourselves anymore! A huge screen was set-up in the old wing near the fountain area in order for more people to watch the live feed from the open press con.

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[ARTICLE] Philippine Star Concert Review: “A big ‘scream’ for 2NE1”


MANILA, Philippines – There was a sea of people outside the SM Mall of Asia Arena last Saturday afternoon and Mr. Taxi Driver, who was passing by, was baffled by the commotion. Is there a concert by Rihanna? Beyoncé? Or Katy Perry? Nope, it turned out that the people were fans and supporters of one of the top girl groups in Korea —2NE1 (pronounced “twenty one” or “to anyone.”)

Filipino Blackjacks (the name of 2NE1’s fans club) trooped to the arena to watch the one-night-only Manila leg of the group’s All or Nothing concert.

What made 2NE1 extra special to Filipinos is Sandara Park, one of the four members of the group.

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