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[ARTICLE] 2NE1 ‘Come Back Home’ to Top of the Charts with an All-Kill


2NE1 may have just released their second studio album ‘Crush,’ but the songs are already lining up consecutively in the top spots on the major music charts!

The ladies of 2NE1 have achieved an all-kill for their song “Come Back Home,” as it sits on top of all of the main charts such as DaumMelOnOlleh, Naver, Mnet, Cyworld, Genie, Soribada, and Bugs.  Congratulations to 2NE1 on this rapid achievement.  Make sure you check out their new album if you haven’t already!

2NE1_1393432707_2ne1comebackhome_bugs 2NE1_1393432707_2ne1comebackhome_cyworld 2NE1_1393432708_2ne1comebackhome_daum 2NE1_1393432708_2ne1comebackhome_genie 2NE1_1393432708_2ne1comebackhome_melon 2NE1_1393432708_2ne1comebackhome_mnet 2NE1_1393432708_2ne1comebackhome_naver 2NE1_1393432708_2ne1comebackhome_olleh 2NE1_1393432708_2ne1comebackhome_soribadaCredits : Allkpop

[ARTICLE] 2NE1 Achieve an All-Kill With “Missing You”

counter It appears BlackJacks have really missed CL, Park Bom, Dara, and Minzy as 2NE1 achieved an all-kill with their latest release, “Missing You“!

The song swept all the major Korean charts, including Melon, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh, Mnet, Daum, Genie, Monkey3, Cyworld, and Naver.

For this new release, 2NE1 put aside the flashy elements of the past and went for a more simple and artistic approach and it seems to have paid off given the early results.

2NE1_1384968798_missingyou_1 2NE1_1384968798_missingyou_2 2NE1_1384968798_missingyou_3 2NE1_1384968799_missingyou_4 2NE1_1384968799_missingyou_5 2NE1_1384968799_missingyou_6 2NE1_1384968799_missingyou_7 2NE1_1384968799_missingyou_8Credits : allkpop

[NEWS] 2NE1 Scores an All-Kill with “Falling In Love”


After a year in hiatus, girl group 2NE1 came back strong with “Falling In Love” as they reached the top of the music charts mere hours after release!

Reaching #1 on all 9 real-time music charts, the fierce ladies proved they’ve still got what it takes. They’re number 1 on Melon, Mnet, Olleh Music, Bugs, Soribada, Monkey3, Cyworld, Naver Music, and Daum Music, putting them on the very top of the music world right now!

Congratulations to 2NE1!2ne1_1373230118_20130707_allkill Source : Allkpop