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[INSTAGRAM] 161120 – Adventure of Dara-Bbit in New York ~ “Its almost over, Thank you for your Support ~”

Dara: “Why is that the last part of Episode 8-3 always fail to upload!!! 😢 That’s weird .. Ah .. Then I just captured them~ 😂🙏🏻 Sorry Bbogeulie ~ And there is something I wanna say .. Dara-Bbit’s adventure in NY is almost over 😢 Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoyed watching my videos. Unfortunately, I decided to watch the concert rather than film it because I wanted to have fun and enjoy the show. I hope you understand 😁😁 In these videos, I really wanted to show you my NY adventure, watch CL’s concert as a fan, and as her big sister. 
 Please continue to support us and our individual projects too. We always give our best in everything that we do because of you, our fans. Blackjacks… We love you always 😘😘😘 To be continued…”

Translated by @ForeverWithDara

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