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[INSTAGRAM] Alluring and Sensual, Dara shares photos of her wearing Adidas “Alpha Bounce” collection

We don’t have any idea what is this for to be honest, Adidas KR didn’t post anything about this endorsement, which is I don’t know if I can call it an endorsement. But 2NE1’s been a main-stay endorser of Adidas KR ever since, up until now no news from KR media or articles about this photos are out ..

Anyway! Dara looks so sensual and uber sexy! The fishnet got me -> O_O + jaw-drop. Hope we’ll get more news about this shoot ^.^

[PHOTOS] More Pictures of Gorgeous and Sexy Sandara Park for Adidas “Alpha Bounce” Collection

the photos below are semi-MQ only, tried my best to look for HQ-ish photos of Dara from this shoot but nada .. hope we’ll get an official promotional photos of this T.T
Dara looks heavenly in this photoshoot huhu ❤

dara-alphabounce-adidas-1 dara-alphabounce-adidas-2 dara-alphabounce-adidas-3

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