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[SNS UPDATE] Tourist Dara’s Round Up of her Tokyo Trip so far ~ Samgeori Butchers in Tokyo, 2018 New Trend and more

Dara: “To eat Samgyeopsal in Tokyo! Eat deliciously! Samgeoributchers Tokyo GO!!! 😋🥓🍖🍴 @3geoributchers_jp

Dara: “2018 new trend!!! Half eye glass & reverse fashion!!! 🤓😁”

Dara: “The weather is so good .. ☀”

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[SNS UPDATE] Dara updates fans of her costume fitting to overcome the winter in Seoul ~

Dara: “Costume fitting to overcome this week’s cold. What should I wear to be warm? ❄️💦❄️💦❄️💦 There is Bing soo falling from the sky 🍧”


Dara also posted the same photos on her weibo account

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[SNS UPDATE] Dara found the Perfect Shoes for her at Adidas Gangnam Brand Center ~

Dara: “I love to shop at Adidas store, did a treadmill and found the perfect shoe for me. Super fun 😎👍🏻🛍 #AdidasGangnamBrandCenter #AdidasGBC


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[TWITTER] Dara updates fans through ‘Ssantokki Zone’ that she’ll attend MBC Entertainment Awards!

Dara: “Ah right.. There is no Blackjack Zone already..! 😢So in that case I’ll relay the schedule in Ssantokki-zone~🐰 #DARASCHEDULE On Dec.29 (Friday) at 8:55 PM. – Dara will attend 2017 MBC Entertainment Awards”

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[SNS UPDATE] Dara shares a Photo of Jam-Packed KIA Theater with Blackjacks ~ “Thank you and Love you”

Dara: “Thank you and love u ❤️❤️❤️ Dec. 1, 2017 KIA Theater. Manila, Philippines with Blackjacks ♠️”

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