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[INSTAGRAM] 170215 Dara Shoots Tiny Hearts to Fans + Feels Proud of PBS Contestants

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You guys are so handsome!!! Nice video!!! So proud of all of you!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 missing my boys… 😢

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[PHOTOS] Official Pictures and HQ Fantaken of Sexy and Alluring Dara Performing KISS at Pinoy Boyband Superstar Grand Finals!

Upload more photos PBS juseyooo ~ keke
Can’t wait for We Love Dara’s HQ photos of Dara’s sexy performance, too bad I have a schedule and missed this epic and historical performance of our Darongie T.T </3
I believe that there’s always a next time kekeke

161210-pbs-grand-reveal-dara-1 161210-pbs-grand-reveal-dara-2 161210-pbs-grand-reveal-dara-3 161210-pbs-grand-reveal-dara-4

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[VIDEO] Sizzling Hot and Oozing Sexiness of Dara’s KISS Performance for Pinoy Boyband Superstar!

OH MY GOD! This is beyond perfection and amazing! Vocals, Choreo, Stage Presence and overall its A++++++ *_* Dara’s super sexy T.T the shirt and fishnet effect is too much to handle ~ and don’t forget the wet hair effect huhu so beautiful!

Keep on watching guys! Its been trending on Youtube ever since it was uploaded last Saturday Dec. 10 2016. ❤ and ~ a stunningly 1M views in 2 days!

Credits: Pinoy Boyband Superstar

[INSTAGRAM] Judge’s Dara before and the whole weekend for Pinoy Boyband Superstar Grand Reveal!

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[TWITTER] Judge Dara is ready for Pinoy Boyband Superstar Last Live Show ~ Showing her Cutie Rings “Crush” + “Blackjacks”

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[INSTAGRAM] Sweet Darong ~ Thanks Blackjacks for watching and cheering Her, the Judges and the Boys at Pinoy Boyband Superstar

Dara: “Thank you to all the Blackjacks who went to PBS Studio every weekend to cheer the boys and the judges 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Mahal ko kayo ~ See you again sa Saturday!!! 😘”

Translated by @ForeverWithDara

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[TWITTER] Dara Shares Couple Shoes with Vice Ganda + Waiting for Rehearsal

“Couple shoes?!? 😀”

“Waiting for the rehearsal #BoybandPHLive

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