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[INSTAGRAM] Dara invites everyone to make a Good Shopping for S.E.S. Green Heart Bazaar


“I am participating in doing good things with the S.E.S. unnies ~ 😀 I’ll give you lots of love for these rare items and my favorite products ~ ❤️❤️❤️ Make a good shopping all at once~!!! 😆🙏🏻👍🏻     

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[INSTAGRAM] Playful Dara goes to the company’s “Futuristic Fashion Meeting Room”

Dara:This place that looks like a squirrel barrel & Ferris wheel is the company artists’ lesson and meeting room. 😂 Sound insulation is good too. Amusement Park line. Ah! Concentrate on your studies 🚡🚠🎡 #FerrisWheel #Futuristic #Fashionablemeeting room 🤣🤣🤣

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[SNS UPDATE] Tourist Dara’s Round Up of her Tokyo Trip so far ~ Samgeori Butchers in Tokyo, 2018 New Trend and more

Dara: “To eat Samgyeopsal in Tokyo! Eat deliciously! Samgeoributchers Tokyo GO!!! 😋🥓🍖🍴 @3geoributchers_jp

Dara: “2018 new trend!!! Half eye glass & reverse fashion!!! 🤓😁”

Dara: “The weather is so good .. ☀”

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[SNS UPDATE] Round Up of our SNS Queen’s post about “Cheese In The Trap” Movie ~ Younger Brother, GIB Co-Hosts and YG’s Cutie Line are Present!

So as we all know, Cheese in the Trap movie is around the corner in Korea it will air on White Day, which is an equivalent to Valentine’s Day (March 14th, 2018).

Dara’s been endlessly and subtly promoting the movie on her own way, the first thing we’ve noticed in her SNS Account is the “cheese” emoji beside her name. It was seen in her Twitter and Instagram account so far.

Then the First batch of Promotional Photos were uploaded on Valentine’s Day, February 14th of 2018. Jang Bora is such a lovely lady ❤

Dara: “🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀 Bora and Euntook #CheeseInTheTrap #March14 #ValentinesDay #WhiteDay_LetsDate Happy Valentine’s Day 🍫💕 #CheeseInTheTrap”

3 Days ago, March 6th Dara uploaded the Trailer of “Cheese In The Trap” movie in her Instagram

Dara: “#movie #CheeseInTheTrap #JangBora 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀 #CheeseInTheTrap Coming Soon!!! 🎞🎟 March 14th, 2018~ 💕”


Dara: “Flowers given by my acquaintances 🌸💐🌺As soon as I got home, our cats were engrossed to it 😂😂😂😻😻😻💕💕💕🧀🧀🧀”

The Day of the VIP Premiere came, March 7th of 2018 where we all saw the whole cast of the movie. Of course, we won’t forget the people who came to support our Ssan-Actress, let’s name a few of them below ~

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[SNS UPDATE] Round Up of Dara’s Trip to Manila, Philippines for her “New Endorsement”

After her 7-Days Business Trip in Bangkok, Thailand last February, Dara’s back in Manila, Philippines for a New Endorsement ~ we’re giving a hint, just look around ^.^v anyways looks like Dara had fun with the countdown during her Bangkok trip and did it again in her Manila Trip ~

Her schedule’s been hectic since her arrival, but she never missed to update us about how her day went ❤

Dara: “Thank you for the warm welcome!!! 😀#newendorsement #newfamily

Dara: “Goodnight Manila 🌕 MNL day 1”

Dara: “Goodnight. MNL day 2 📸 by @boysso82

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[SNS UPDATE] Sandara Park’s 7-Days Business Trip in Thailand Bangkok for Head and Shoulder

Dara’s really sweet to update us everyday for this Business Trip, I mean I guess we got used to her updating us about what she’s currently doing, but everyday? Thank you so much Dara unnie for the updates! ❤

Anyways, so last February 20 to February 26, Dara was in Thailand, Bangkok for a Business Schedule which we all know is Head and Shoulders, she also said that since she was the endorser of the brand, she’s been going to Bangkok for the past 3 years every February ^.^ So, here’s the round up of her 7-Day Business Trip


Dara: “We come to Bangkok for 8 Days and 7 Nights every February!!! Sawasdeeka!!! 🙏🏻 BKK day 1”


Dara: “BKK day 2”

Dara: “Good Morning!!! 😉 Came to work in a perfect Bangkok style!!! Unnie Bangkok style~!!!”


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[INSTAGRAM] Dara shares a Behind-The-Scene photo from her PENSHOPPE S/S 2018 Campaign ~

Dara: “Just finished a photoshoot with Penshoppe for their latest campaign. The collection for 18ss is soooo nice 😍😍😍 I love it!!! As always, I had fun at the shoot!!! Please check out my beautiful pics. They will be out soon!! Super excited!! And they gave me bags and bags of the latest collection. 🛍🛍 Thank you Penshoppe!!! ♥ #SandaraXPenshoppe #penshoppe #2018

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[INSTAGRAM] Excited Dara posted photos of her at the New Incheon Terminal 2 going to Bangkok ~

Dara: “See u soon Bangkok!!! 🙏🏻😀✈️ Oh! Terminal 2 is Jjang! I like it!!!! 😎 While I was at the duty-free shop, I was testing lip products and my lips turned red as if I ate something 🤣 I will take off~ 👍🏻”

Translated by @YGInstagram

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