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[INSTAGRAM] Dara invites everyone to watch her mokkbang special for ‘Get It Beauty’

Caption: Sandara Park T.Ving.Li.Ve.
Ep. 3 <Sandara’s ‘Get It Meokbang’>
I am the best in eating (munch munch)

On May 3, wednesday @ 4.30PM!!!
Please be with us at TVing
👉🏼 www.tving.com and
Get It Brauty Facebook
👉🏼 www.facebook.com/getitbeaut.ytv

#SandaraPark #DaSandara (Buy all) #TvingLive #GetItMeokbang #IAmTheBestInEating

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[PHOTOS] Get it Beauty free Wallpapers from the MCs Special Shoot for Episode 7 ~

To download the photos if you’re in mobile, just press on the photo and hold for at least 2 minutes then download.
For desktop users, right-click and “open image in new tab” to have the original resolution ^^ Enjoy!

2 Phone Wallpaper for Sandara Park

And 1 desktop wallpaper of Sandara Park and Lee Honey and 1 desktop wallpaper of the for GIB MCs! Below ~

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[VIDEO] OnStyle uploaded a short Video Clip of their New MCs and the Return of the Home of Pretty, Young, Cute Women ~

The Return of the Home of Pretty, Young, Cute Women Beauty Variety 2017 Get It Beauty ♡

Dara looks super adorable! I just want to squeeze her chubby cheeks! >//<
and aside from being bias (lol) Dara looks younger compared to the 2 younger MCs, she looks so fresh, young and care-free. I can’t wait to watch the first episode ~

Airing on Feb 19th, 2017 8.20PM (KST) Tune in, in our twitter for the live streaming links! ^.^

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