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[NEWS] YG-Life: “YG, meaningful ’21’ comeback teaser … Finally 2NE1? Rising Expectations”

Who's Next '21'

[Ilgan Sports] YG Entertainment released a teaser image where ’21’ stands out.

On the 9th at 9AM, YG Entertainment released a teaser image hinting the next comeback on their official blog.

In the image, there’s the phrase “WHO’S NEXT?’ and has the date and time, ‘11.21’ and 21:00′, written on it. As the date and time both have the number 21, there is a good chance that it’s hinting 2NE1’s comeback.

If 2NE1’s comeback is on November 21st, it mean they’re having comeback in 1 year and 9 months after the song ‘Come Back Home’ that they released in February last year.

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