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[PHOTOS] Dara and Bom with Go Hye Sun and other YG Family Artist at 1TYM’s Song Baek Kyoung’s Wedding

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[TWITTER] “#CUAgainSe7en”

As we all know,  Se7en is enlisting to the army. Fans been trending #CUAgainSe7en since last night to show their appreciation for him.  And it’s not a secret anymore that Dara and Se7en are BFFs. I’m sure she’ll miss him more just as much as we do. Dongwook oppa, serve the military well and come back soon! We’ll definitely wait for you~!!


She then retweeted  Se7en’s tweet about his single before entering the military, “Gomawo” or “Thank You”.Picture 2013-03-19 14_41_22 Se7en : One last gift!!! ^^ A song that came from my heart “Thank you”

Here’s the vid. I don’t know about you but I’m tearing up watching the MV. The song is beautiful too TT^TT

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