[ARTICLE] 2NE1 Dara-Bom Sells Limited Edition Socks of ‘Double Park’


Girl group 2NE1’s members Dara and Bom appeared on the Hongdae streets of Seoul.

Yesterday, Dara posted on her Twitter, “Double Park is here! We couldn’t find the place yet. We’re going to go to a busy street. Where is the closest place that has the most people from Double Park’s clubhouse?”

Dara then posted again, “We’re going to go around sunset time. It’s too hot right now. I must protect my skin from the UV rays! What should we ride? I’m tired of riding the van. Okay! We decided. The playground of Hongdae! Leaving now.”

Dara then said, “Everyone~ thank you! The 21 pairs of socks sold out so quickly. Yeah!”

Lastly, she posted, “Gonna go play now since we worked so hard! We’re on our way to a date course that someone told us about. Even though it’s not a date with a boyfriend~ Double Park date.”

In the pictures, Dara and Bom were selling white socks that said ‘Double Park’ on it.

Internet users who saw this commented, “So cute,” “I want those socks,” “I wish I lived in Seoul,” and “Go Dara and Bom!”


Photo Credit : Dara’s Twitter

Credits : kpopstarz

[INTERVIEW] Beautiful Park Bom Mentions Dara in Allure Magazine


Question: What kinds of activities do you do with 2NE1?

Bom:  We usually eat something. Me and Dara like to eat food. We eat together, but I get fat alone. (Alternative: I eat with Dara, but i’m the only one gaining weight.)

Question: Only Dara is endorsing beauty products. Dont you want to? Or there’s other reasons?

Bom: Dara is really pretty. But I wanna try endorsing cosmetics but no one contacts me. If you see this magazine & changed your minds, please contact me!

Question: About meeting/dating guys..

Bom: It will cause us burden if we started meeting/dating with guys. Dara and I always discuss about who are the guys that aren’t good to date with, then we’ll ended up concluding “YG sajangnim won’t allow us.” And our ideal guy would be a strict guy like sajangnim.

Source: Allure Magazine

Translated by: @ilove2NE1girls + @Fataltney